Family Farmers

There's Madison, a beautiful girl with golden blonde hair, and blue eyes, she lives on a farm. Her neighbors (a family that is renting the guest house) have a son her age named Kyle. He has dark brown hair with green eyes. Kyle tends to annoy her a will things go for these two?


1. Chapter One

As I stack the last bundle of hay I finally have a chance to take a break. I wipe the sweat of my forehead and I grab my water bottle and take a sip of it. It felt so nice to sit down after hours of work. I hear a car horn honk close by. I stand up as I see a truck pulling into our drive way. I start walking towards the car already knowing who was arriving, our new renters. I put my long blonde hair up into a pony tail and fix my blue eyes on the family unloading their belongings.

"Hey, you guys need any help?" I ask the young couple.

"Ua, maybe a small hand. Our son is going to hopefully help us out"

"Until he does I can" I say smiling "I'm Madison" I say holding out my hand.

"Caroline" The young women replies.

"Matt" The young man replies

"Nice to meet you" I say with a smile. I pick up a box and I bring it into the guest house. I see someone around my age already in the house. "Can I help you?" I ask my southern accent was really standing out.

"Oh, nope just looking around my new house. Hi, I'm Kyle" he says holding out his hand.

"I'm Madison" I replying smiling. 

He brushes his brown hair with his hands and looks around the house with his green eyes. "Nice farm"

"Thanks. It takes a lot of work to maintain. You know your parents signed an agreement that y'all have to help out on the farm right?"

He sighs and looks at me "Yeah, I found out on my way over here"

"So where y'all from? I hear a little eastern accent"

"Really?" he laughs "Yeah, I'm from Michigan"

"That's cool, I always wanted to go one of the great lakes. There is not much to do in Georgia"

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