The Boy That Gave Me a Heart Attack

A girl named Kylie is in 11th grade at a new school. It's the first day and she wants to make lots of new friends. She liked having boys as some of her friends too. But one boy changed her whole life.


9. The Next Day at School

The next day I woke up and I couldn't wait to see Harry. I loved him so much. I was excited because Louis was going to ask Kaylee out today! Louis seems like an awesome dude; I think Kaylee and him are perfect for eachother. I couldn't believe I didn't tell Kaylee about the Louis stuff. With my mouth I would've said it the minute I heard. Girls are always like that.

The second I walked into school, I ran to hug Harry.

"Hey boo." he said.

"I missed you." I said still hugging Harry.

"So, do you think Louis is going to make the move?" Harry said.

"Yes, I think he is." 

A few seconds later, Louis walked up to Kaylee's locker. I nudged Harry. I saw Kaylee mouth 'yes' and me and Harry were ecstatic. Kaylee thank goodness did not see us staring at her.

In 2nd period, I felt my butt vibrate. I got a text from Kaylee. I thought she was in the bathroom... oh...I hope the teacher did not hear it but soon enough.

"Who's phone went off?" he asked.

Nobody made a sound.

"Well, somebody's phone went off."

My face was red, and I think Harry knew it was me.

"Ok then let's just get on with class." he said.

Oh thank goodness, I didn't want my phone to get taken away... how could I text Harry? Oh no problem I could just go to his house!

After school Kaylee was with Louis the whole time so I couldn't say hi to her at all.

"Maybe it was a bad idea to get them together..." I said as I was walking down the street. I was holding his hand and it was so nice and warm.

"No, I mean, she just might want to spend time with him..." Harry said.

"I'm glad we're together." I told him.

"Me too." he said as he kissed me on the cheek.

I loved him so much and I never wanted him to leave me. 


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