The Boy That Gave Me a Heart Attack

A girl named Kylie is in 11th grade at a new school. It's the first day and she wants to make lots of new friends. She liked having boys as some of her friends too. But one boy changed her whole life.


5. Texting My New Friends

Once I got home, I texted Kaylee first.

hey kaylee it's me, kylie. what's new?

I hope she would text me back. Then after a while, there was no answer so I tried Harry.

hey harry it's kylie from school!

I got a text right away!

Harry: hey what's new with u?

Kylie: nothing much... just sitting here talking to u.

Harry: cool i'm bored 2

Kylie: what did u think of the new science teacher?

Harry: i thought he was a little weird...

Kylie: ya i thought so 2. thank you so much 4 getting the tardy 4 me... that's the nicest thing somebody has ever done 4 me.

Harry: no problem. i try to be nice to new people

Kylie: did u hear that we might get a new kid in our class?

Harry: no i didn't

Kylie: well... i hope it's a girl... did u meet anybody new today?

Harry: nope just u...

Kylie: oh cool! i hope we can become better friends. :)

Harry: yes i agree too. u are super nice

Kylie: thanks :) u are 2! well i gotta go so see ya tomorrow! bye!

Harry: bye see ya.

Wow... that was so fun talking to him. He is so nice; I really mean what I say. Yay! Kaylee texted me!

Kaylee: hey sorry i didn't text u back.

Kylie: it's fine... so u have a crush on anybody?

That was the last I heard of her.

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