The Boy That Gave Me a Heart Attack

A girl named Kylie is in 11th grade at a new school. It's the first day and she wants to make lots of new friends. She liked having boys as some of her friends too. But one boy changed her whole life.


6. New Kid in School

I woke up to a normal Tuesday day of school. I looked at my phone and it said: 7:30, the normal time I get up. I hoped today would be fun; I also wanted to see Harry. I hoped that he liked me. Wow, I sound a little weird though... anyway, so maybe I could tell Kaylee about Harry. Maybe she noticed him too. That could be a bad thing too because she might like him...ugggg. I had no choice, but just to tell her.

I walked into school hoping Harry would say hi to me.

"Hey Kylie!" Harry yelled.

"Hey." I said and waved.

Score! I think he does like me!

"Hey Kaylee." I said as I passed her locker.

"Hey girl!" she said back.

Yep! I can definetly trust Kaylee now.

I got to my first period class on time thank goodness. But I did like when Harry put the tardy on himself... awww so sweet.

"Class. Today we have a new student."

I looked at the teacher in shock.

"His name is Louis Tomlinson. Harry, I want you to stick with him so that he will feel comfortable." he went on.

Harry looked a little surprised but glad to meet someone new. I gave Harry a thumbs up just to make him feel better.

At lunch, the new kid, Louis they call him, sat next to Harry. I really wanted to sit with them, but I didn't want to be weird. So I sat with Kaylee instead.

"So, Kaylee, do you have a crush on anybody?" I asked.

"Ya... Louis the new kid. He's really cute." she said while staring at him.

"Wow. Don't tell anyone but I like Harry." 

"Harry? You? Wow, I didn't think he was your type." she said.

"Oh yes he is Kaylee. He is so nice and he even said he wanted to become better friends with me! That means a lot!" I exclaimed.

"I want to get Louis's number. Will you come sit at there table with me?" Kaylee asked.

"OH YES I WILL!" I almost yelled.

It's like she read my mind! I'm so glad she has a crush too! And I hope Louis and Harry become good friends.

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