The Boy That Gave Me a Heart Attack

A girl named Kylie is in 11th grade at a new school. It's the first day and she wants to make lots of new friends. She liked having boys as some of her friends too. But one boy changed her whole life.


3. Lunch With Him

I was so excited to meet this boy named Harry. He was such a gentleman and I love a guy like that.

Soon it was lunchtime so I wanted to get to know him better.

"Hey Harry!" I said.

"Hey Kylie."

"Do you want to have lunch with me?"

"I was going to ask you the same thing."

"Sweet!" Kylie said as she sat down, "so tell me about yourself."

"Well, I like to sing. I think it's really cool. I actually did have a band but we went different ways." He explained.

"Cool. I like gymnastics. My favorite color is purple, and I also like cats."

"Oh! I like cats too!" Harry exclaimed.

"That's awesome. So what else to do like?"

"Um... I don't really know. Oh my favorite color is blue."

"Interesting...." Kylie said.

Lunch was over so they went to their classes.

"See ya soon!" Harry said.

"Bye!!!" Kylie said.


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