Still the one (a harry styles fan fiction)

Payton and Jasmine are about live every girls dream... they just don't know it yet. When Payton gets tickets to London for the summer and one direction tickets her and Jasmines lives will change forever.


4. WAKE UP!!!

Payton p.o.v Oh my god I can't believe Harry Styles like me!!! "Are you sure?!?!" I asked for the 5th time. "POSITIVE!!! He said it right after he promised not to tell Zayn I like him!" She said reassuringly. Ok she was serious. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. "We need to find the perfect things to wear!!!" I screamed. We ran to our suit cases and started going through all our clothes. An hour later we both figures out what we were going to wear. I went with a bright pink lace flowy shirt, white skinny jeans, and my favorite hot pink vans. Jasmine went with a white flowing shirt with a rose on it blue skinny jeans and white sandals. I had to say we looked cute!!! I came out o the bathroom and saw Jasmines outfit. "GURL HE GON BE ALL OVA YOU !! " I said snapping my fingers. "Hahahaha YOU TOO GURLLL" She sai holding out the l. We started cracking up and got changes and hopped in our beds. I woke up at 9 and texted harry. To: Hazza<3: Hey! Good morning! What time do u want me and jazzy to come over? From:Hazza<3: how about 2pm?? And good morning love!<3 To:Hazza<3: ok can't wait bye!! From:Hazza<3: ok bye love!! He called me love!! I think I'm in love( lol see what I did there). I went over to jasmines bed and thought of the perfect way to wake her up.... THE ONE DIRECTION WAY!!! I grabbe the guitar in the corner of the room and started strumming. " time to get uppppp time to get uppppp!!" I softly sang then I hoped on the bed and started screaming "WAKE UPPPP WAKE UPPPPP WAKE UPPPPPPP WAKE UPPPP!!!!!!!" Jasmine got up an looked at me as I was jumping on her bed. I stop when she threw the SECOND pillow at me! "What!!!" She yelled. " Its almost 11 and the boys want us to be there at 2!!! Get up!!!" She got up and we started getting dressed. I straightened my hair and clipped my bangs up. Jasmine curled her hair all pretty an stuff! I think we looked great!! We left around 1:30. "I'm sooo excited!!" I said. We got in the rental car. I was driving. I wasn't used to driving I the left. "Payton you better not kill us I need to get Zayn to ask me out and you need to get harry too!!" She was freaking out. "Jasmine did you notice something?" I asked. "No what?" She asked confused. "Weve been in the drive way for 5 minutes!!" I yelled. "Oh sorry!!" She said laughing a little. "It's ok, let's just get I'm there." I said excitedly!! I can't wait to see Harry! I really like him!

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