Still the one (a harry styles fan fiction)

Payton and Jasmine are about live every girls dream... they just don't know it yet. When Payton gets tickets to London for the summer and one direction tickets her and Jasmines lives will change forever.


11. Time to sing

Paytons p.o.v

I was shaking like crazy! Simon had to reschedule our meeting because he got the stomach flu. I was waiting outside his office with Jasmine jordan and the boys. We were planning to sing a duet but when Jordan came we decided to become a girl group!!!! The receptionist came out if his office and told us we could go in. 

"Hi girls!" Simon said. He seemed to be really happy. "Ok girls before to you start why don't we go outside." We all agreed and we went outside into this little courtyard area. 

"Ok girls my niece is very interested in singing with you all. Would you mind her joining you guys? She is the sweetest girl!" We all agreed and his niece came out. Her name was Jesy and she was so sweet. We all became instant friends. We sang bid girls don't cry.

Simon sent us home. I swear this guy is trying to kill us!!!!!

*the video is in the attachment section
Payton as Perrie
Jordan as Jade
Jasmine as Leigh-Anne 
Jesy as Jesy

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