Still the one (a harry styles fan fiction)

Payton and Jasmine are about live every girls dream... they just don't know it yet. When Payton gets tickets to London for the summer and one direction tickets her and Jasmines lives will change forever.


8. She likes movies😉

Nialls pov

I walked in expecting to be pranked by the girls but they were sitting on the floor skyping with their friend Jordan. I went over to the girls and sat down next to Payton. I looked at the computer and saw the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I was at a lose of words!
"Umm Niall you ok?" Payton said elbowing me. I snapped back into reality.
"Uh, what? Oh ya Im fine!" I said. I looked back at the screen and Jordan was there smiling and blushing.
"I think we'll leave you two alone.." Payton said slowly winking at me. I gave her a REALLY! look. She laughed and whispered in my ear.
"She loves movies! Especially warm bodies! Ask her if she still bleeding!" I looked at her like WHAT!?!? Ask her if she's still bleeding!?! She laughed she looked at the screen and said.
"Hey Jordan you still bleeding?" Jordan did the cutest giggle
"Ya!" Payton laughed. She looked at me and back at Jordan.
"Good! Oh and explain that to Niall he thinks I'm a creep right now!" She said walking out of the room with jasmine laughing. I looked at Jordan and said the only thing I could think of.
"So what's your favorite food?" She laughed. I looked down and blushed. Wow I really do like her!
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