Still the one (a harry styles fan fiction)

Payton and Jasmine are about live every girls dream... they just don't know it yet. When Payton gets tickets to London for the summer and one direction tickets her and Jasmines lives will change forever.


10. Love is in the air!<3

Two days later

Payton's p.o.v

"Ok her plane will be her ANY MINUTE!!!" I said yelling downstairs to jasmine who was leaving to pick up Jordan at the airport. Two days ago Niall and Jordan had there first video chat and ever since then they've been talking non stop! So the boys, Jasmine and I arranged for Jordan to fly to London to spend the summer with us.

"Niall!!! Hold still!!!!!" I yelled trying to fix his hair. 

"It's good enough!!! Let me go I need some food!!" He said trying to swat away my hands.

"No! You can't leave until you look perfect." He sighed and stopped struggling. I finished at sat down in front of him.

"Ok niall we need to talk....." I started. He looked at me.

"About what?" He asked kinda scared. I got serious and looked at him.

"Jordan" I said sternly. He smiled. 

"Ok about what?" I got very serious.

"Ok I might be dating Harry and you are one of my best guy friends but if you hurt Jordan I will break your face. Jordan is very........... unique....... She is my best friend. Her and jasmine have a special place in my heart. Jordan is just like you. She not afraid to cuss so look out! She is very outgoing and loves to be around people. And she really likes you." I said smiling. He looked at me relieved. I have him a weird look."what?" I asked. He laughed.

"Thought you were going to give me "the talk"" I laughed and gave h a quick hug.

"Treat her good." I whispered. He smiled.

"She's my princess and I will treat her like one no matter what!" He said blushing. I pat him on the back. All of a sudden we here the door burst open.

"PAYTON IM HERE!!!!!!!" We heard Jordan scream. I squealed and ran downstairs leaving niall half deaf. I got to the bottom of the stairs and ran up to Jordan giving her a giant bear hug.

"YAYYYY!!!!!! OMG I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!" I yelled jumping up and down. I stopped jumping up and down and Niall came downstairs. 

"Hey Payton" Niall said. I turned around and looked at him. "Don't kill my girlfriend!!" He said cautiously. I laughed a moved out of the way. Niall came down and Jordan jumped in his arms into a hug. OMG THEY ARE SOOOO CUTE!!!!!

Jordan's p.o.v 

Niall came down the stairs and I ran up to hug him and jumped in his arms. He spun me around and we hugged for a good five minutes. He put me down and looked at me.

"Hi my princess!" He whispered. I giggled and kissed him on the cheek. 

"Hi my prince!!" I whispered back. I hugged him again and turned around to face the girls. They were legit in tears.

"OMG YOU GUYS WERE MEANT TO BE!!!!!!!!" They said crying. I hugged them and they dragged me upstairs to Nialls room. We put my bags upstairs and went downstairs. I met all the boys and decided to watch Finding Nemo. I cuddled with Niall, Jasmine with Zayn(to cute), and Payton and Harry(adorable). We were watching the movie and I looked over at Payton and Harry. She was called up next to him with her head on his chest and his arm around her. She looked up at him and smiled and he looked down at her and kissed her. They were so cute. Jasmine and Zayn were on the floor. Jasmine was sitting with her legs crossed and Zayn was lying on his back with his head in her lap. She was playing with his hair. OMG SOOOO CUTE!!!!!! I looked up at Niall and he smiled and gave me a kiss. I love him so much. I just wanted to stay like this forever.

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