Still the one (a harry styles fan fiction)

Payton and Jasmine are about live every girls dream... they just don't know it yet. When Payton gets tickets to London for the summer and one direction tickets her and Jasmines lives will change forever.


2. Heart attack!

Payton's p.o.v

We got through secerity and waited for them to call us to the plane. Then we heard screaming and chanting and turned around to see mob of girls chasing 5 boys through the airport! They called first class and looked at our tickets!!
"Thats us!!!" I said " are you ready?" I asked jasmine.
" I was born ready" she stated "oh and who do you think they were chasing?"
" I don't know but they got on our flight!!" I said excitedly! " I guess we'll find out!!" As we got on the plane and got to our seats I heard a unmistakable deep slow British accent.
"When is the next concert?" The guy asked. I sat up a little to see the top of their head and saw curly hair! HARRY STYLES!! I elbowed jasmine.
"Ow!" She yelped "what was that for?"
"Sorry.. Did I give you heart attack!!" Singing the melody of one directions song heart attack. Loud enough so harry could hear me. He went quiet for a minute and turned around.
"You like that song?" He asked. Jasmine looked up and gasped.
"Yup!" I said popping the p. " ONE of my favorite songs on the album" I stated proudly.
"Nice!" Harry said. " what's your name?"
" I'm Paton and this is Jasmine!" I said pointing to jasmine who was still starstruck.
"Nice names!" He said
"Thanks!" I answered he looked over to Zayn.
"Hey Zayn" he said "I think we have some fans over here!" He said smiling at me! Wow this was going to be the best trip ever!!

Harry's p.o.v

Wow Payton is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen! I thought to my self! I can't believe we spent the whole 10 hour plane ride talking to each other. Quickly into the flight Zayn and Payton switched seats so Zayn could talk to jasmine ( I haven't heard a lot of talking back there) and so I could talk to Payton.
"Hey!" I said turning to Payton who was listening to our album. "what are Zayn and jasmine doing?" She turned around and turned back around and said inherent adorable voice "why don't you look for yourself she said pretending to gag. She was so cute. I turned around and they were cuddling watching a movie. "NICE JOB ZAYN!!!" I say loudly enough for everyone to hear. He looks at me and glares.
" REALLY HARRY!!" Me an Payton turn around cracking up! She was so cute when she laughed. We were quiet for a while . Then we tarted talking about our lives.
"Well I from Maryland but moved to North Carolina last year and meet jasmine and we became best friends! Then I got tickets to London for the summer and to your concert... so yeah!" She said.
"Cool we're on break and I'm going back home.. So where are you staying?" I asked. I really wanted to know if we were anywhere close to each other .
"In Holmes Chapel with jasmines uncle!" She stated. " right down the street from your house... Don't think I'm a stalker cause I know where you live!!" She said giggling. Yes!! I thought!
"Cool Niall and the boys are staying with me so maybe we could all hang out sometime!?!?" I asked hpping she would say yes.
"We'd love to!!!" She said. This was going to be the best summer ever!! As we landed I looked over and Payton was asleep. She looked so adorable I woke her up and she jumped a little.
"Oh sorry just wanted to tell you we are landing!" I said.
"Thanks!" She said. Hopefully I will see her again! I gave her all the boys numbers including mine and walked off the plane with the boys. That was a face I will never forget!!
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