Still the one (a harry styles fan fiction)

Payton and Jasmine are about live every girls dream... they just don't know it yet. When Payton gets tickets to London for the summer and one direction tickets her and Jasmines lives will change forever.


6. Breakeven

Harry's p.o.v

Payton and I walked back to the house hand in hand. I was the happiest gut in the world. Words can't describe how I feel about her. But the more I thought about our relationship, the more I thought about my career. I have to go on tour and what about all the the mail Payton will get.
" Hey Payton?" I asked kissing her in the cheek.
"Ya sweetie!?!" She said looking at me.
"Now that we are together, my fans might get upset that I'm not single anymore.." I said trailing off.
" Harry it's ok I know I'm goin to get hate mail and I promise I won't let it get to me!" She said giving me a peck on the lips. I love her!

Payton pov

Harry and I got back to his place and the boys and Jasmine were sitting there about to start watching Finding Nemo. I took a second look at jasmine and her and Zayn were cuddling on the couch. I looked at her and winked. I mouthed "are you two together?" She nodded her hear and then looked at me and Harry. We were holding hands. She asked me the same thing and I nodded. Harry and I sat on the floor cuddling because there as no room left on the couch or chairs. It was about 7 when we were done watching g the movie so we decided to order pizza. When the pizza got here we all ate and watching the soccer game. While we were watching the game I would look over at harry to catch him starting at me. I smiled and laughed. I got up and told everyone I was going to shower and go to bed. I ran upstairs and hopped in the shower. I know what your thinking. Why am I in there showed. Well while we were eating harry told us we could stay the night. Before I went up he told me I could borrow a shirt and shorts. I hopped in the shower. I started to sing Breakeven by The Script

"I'm Still alive but I'm barely breathing just praying to a god that I don't believe cause I got time while she got freedom. Cause when a heart breaks no it don't break even........
What I am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you and what am I supposed to say when I'm all choked up that your ok! I'm falling to pieces! Ya! I'm falling to pieces!"

I got out of the shower, grabbed a towel and ran into Harry's room. I turned around and harry was siting on his bed.
"Hey beautiful!" He said smirking. I jumped a little when he said that. I looked at him then I looked down to see I was in my towel. He got up and walked over to his dresser. He pulled out some shorts and a tshirt . I looked at the pants and looked back at him with weird look. They were short shorts for girls. He looked at me and laughed.
"Gemma was here when we first got back and she left them here. And that's my favorite tshirt so don't get anything on it!" He said laughing. I rolled my eyes and went back to the bathroom. I got dressed, brushed out my hair and pulled it up. I walked back to Harry's room and jumped in bed. Harry walked in and slid in next to me.
"Goodnight Harry!" I whispered. He turned and put hid arm around me and I put my head on his chest.
"Was that you singing earlier?" He asked. I looked up at him and smiled.
"Ya sorry if I killed your ears." I said looking down.
"What! You sing amazing!" He said kissing my forehead. I blushed and put my head back on his chest.
"I'm going to take you to see Simon tomorrow! I want you to sing for him." Harry stated. My head shot up and I looked at him.
"I can't sing in front of Simon!" I yelled quietly. He looked at me and laughed.
"You can do it I believe in you!" He said reassuring me. He looked in my eyes and I melted. I smiled and gave him a kiss.
"Ok ill go tomorrow!" I said giggling. I put my head down on his chest and I dozed off.
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