Valentines Day

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1. Marry Him

I was sitting with my boyfriend of two years, Niall by the fireplace of our home together. Valentines Day was today and I was thinking about what he'll have planned.Something romantic of course. Niall always has been romantic and thoughtful. It has to be special because today's not only Valentines Day, but today's also our anniversary of when we got together. But it was odd because it was 11:00 and Niall hasn't said anything about Valentines Day. Not even a simple 'Happy Anniversary' escaped his lips. Not once. Did he forget? How could he forget something so special?

"I have to go to the studio baby doll. Bye." He kissed the top of my head. He usually kisses my lips. And he didn't say he loves me. What's going on with him?

"Alright Bye."

All day I just sat there wondering what could I have done wrong. Niall is never like this. Is there someone else? Is he dumping me on our anniversary? Just the thought of what could happen tonight made my eyes tear up. I tried to put the thought in the back of my mind as I cleaned the house. As I got to the bedroom I had flashbacks looking at that bed. In that bed was the first time he ever told me he loved me. In that bed was the times when i would come home from a bad day at work and Niall would stroke my hair and sing to me softly. In that bed we would cuddle into each others arms and talk until the sun rose.Remembering the things we've done together thinking tonight might be the last moment I share with him before he tells me he loves someone else or he just flat out wants me gone. I'll be lost without him. That when I got a text.

'Meet me at the airport at 8-Niall

Is he leaving so soon? Where is he going? No kisses at the end of the message the way he would always send them. My suspicions are becoming real. I can't let him go. He's my soulmate. The minutes I set my eyes in him I knew I'd be with him the rest of my life. Or at least I planned on it.

It got to 8:00 and I got ready in a simple outfit, a black flowy shirt with a white tank top underneath, skinny jeans and a pair of deep purple flats.

Driving to the airport I kept remembering again and again trying to remember that gorgeous smile that I may never see again when he looks at me. My vision is blurred by tears and I quickly let them fall.

When I get to the airport Niall is outside in shades and a hoody waiting for me.

"Hey beautiful. " he kissed my cheek. He didn't even realize I was crying. He grabbed my hand and dragged me to the gate where you get on the plane. He had two suitcases. I gave him a confused look but he didn't notice. Or he ignored it. I saw a small smile creep onto his face as we walked onto the plane. We sat down in our seats and I began to think. Maybe he wasn't breaking up with me. Maybe there was no other girl and maybe he just avoided me to keep what were doing now a surprise. What exactly are we doing now?

The plane took off and the flight attendant started to speak.

"I have an important message for the passenger in seat 6-A". I looked up then back at Niall and he was smiling at me.

"Will you marry the gentlemen in seat 7-A? If the answer is yes, press the Call Button for the flight attendant."

I burst into tears once again but this time they were happy. Niall looked at me anxiously and said,

"Press the Call Button!"

I pressed the button and the flight attendant cane out with two glasses of champagne and a box. Niall grabbed the box and opened it. The ring was huge! It had a big diamond on the middle with smaller ones around it and on the sides. Niall slid it on my finger and it fit perfectly. He kissed me passionately and our lips fit like two puzzle pieces. His lips were so soft and just so full of warmth. We both pulled back out of breathe. He put his forehead on mine and wiped my tears of happiness.

"I love you." He whispered to me.

"I love you too Niall."


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