Axel sparks is just a normal girl. Until she crosses the path of an unusual boy she knows she's seen before. As Axel startes to hang around him, she knows he is special. But, she can't quite figure it out. One minute he's sweet, the next he's a total jerk. As Axel pushes him for the truth on why he's acting the way he is, will she uncover something that goes beyond their bizzare relationship? Read Guardian to find out!


1. The beginning

I walked down the hallway of GreenDay high school. Nobody gave me a glance as I waved my arms over my head and sang "Sexy And I Know It" at the top of my lungs. Of course. I stopped and swept up my jet black curly beach- wavy hair into a high ponytail. I took my time to walk to German. 'Its like I'm invisible." I thought. "It's like nobody can see me." I told myself. I jogged up the steps to the languages hallway and entered the room. I took my seat in the back, next to Louis Tomlinson. Great. He was here. He was actually really sweet, I liked him, but there was no possible way I was ever gonna tell him that. He was really popular, and whenever I got placed next to him in class, all it earned me were dirty looks and snarky comments from the popular girls after school and class. I opened my German notebook, as Stacie walked right in and sat next to Louis. She had on a pink mini-skirt that was too short, and a top that was too revealing. Her face was caked with make-up and don't even get me started on her hair. She was definitely trying to hard. The German teacher called our German names: Stacie's was Brigitte, Louis' was Axel, mine was Georg. That's right. I did choose a male name. I like to be different. And, of course, I only get made fun of and picked on.
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