Let Me Love You

Hi, im anna and ive kind of had a hard life. I have three best friends. Jace, Brandon, and Stefanie. I do get by on one thing though, music. I love one direction and i might enter a contest to meet them. Who knows? I might just win.

This is my first fanfic so no hate


1. Chapter 1

Anna's P.O.V

After an unusually hard day working (that is, at home, of course) I trudged back into my bedroom. I'm 18, and I want to move out, but my drunk-ass psycho foster dad, Chris, forces me to stay home. You guessed it, I'm adopted. I know you probably don't really wanna know about my life story, so I'll give a short and sweet explanation to you. My biological parents were poor and had to give me up for adoption when I was 4. The taxes were too high and apparently, I had 2 older brothers and 1 younger sister, and we all got adopted by different people. It's okay, you don't have to sympathize with me. I've always wanted to meet them, but I highly doubt that will ever happen. So unfortunately, I waited a year at the adoption center, and right when they were going to give me to an orphanage, my foster dad, or as I like to call him, douche pickle, stumbled in and adopted me. The idiots at the adoption center thought he was sober and normal, so I was taken away. My foster dad then put me to work, scrubbing floors and vacuuming and doing the dishes, and whatever else you could think of. He's not an abusive father though, and if he was, I would've ran away a long time ago. I do get the occasional slap though, but doesn't everyone? With all this going on, it doesn't help that he usually bring home a different girl every night to screw. I don't really have friends, except for 3 people. I met them all at school, their names are Jace, Brandon (they're twins), and Stefanie. I wouldn't say I'm quote on quote, "popular", considering that I  spend my Friday nights cleaning the house. I do find some ways to escape though. When I finish up a night, I head to my room and write, sing, listen to music, draw, play my piano, which is a keyboard, and daydream. I saved enough money to buy a guitar by working at a cafe by school, although my foster dad takes most of it to buy his liquor, since he can't hold down a job, and I'm now teaching myself to play the guitar. I found out that my parents were relatively good at playing instruments, and had a musical ear. I guess that was handed down to me, if that's even possible. The whole 'teaching myself how to play the guitar' thing isn't really working out though, but I won't give up. I forgot to mention one thing though. I like one direction. So I currently am working on playing 'They don't know about us' and 'little things' on the piano. That's coming along pretty well. And that's what I'm doing right now. I get up to Harry's part in little things, and stop. I haven't figured the next part out yet, and I have to quickly. One direction's management is holding a contest to see if you sing or play one of their songs and if you tag #onedirectionmusicalcontest on twitter, you could have a chance to meet them. I'm not really sure that I should enter, I mean, I'm not that talented. I won't enter.  A few days ago, Jace came over, and I played little things to him. He's really popular, so I have no idea as to how he even knew I existed. He told me it was really good, especially since I was singing along to the music, and then we just hung out. It was nice, you know? Just sitting, and doing nothing, hanging out with your best friend. A little while after that, he climbed out through my back window and went home (like my foster dad would ever let Jace into our home). Soon after that, I drifted off into dreamland.    Jace's pov I did it. I finally did it. I taped Anna playing little things on the piano and put it on twitter. She's really good and I don't think she knows that. I tagged #onedirectionmusicalcontest so that she would be entered. I have a feeling she has a pretty good chance in winning this, if her stupid dad doesn't find out. I feel really bad for her. Who wants a foster dad like that? Well, I should probably rest.    ***AUTHORS NOTE*** Jace is I guess "played" by Finn harries and Brandon is Jack harries. Stefanie is my best friend in real life so I'll try to find someone that looks like her. If you don't know who Finn and jack harries are, search them up because they are the best.
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