Destroy Them With Lasers

From the beginning of the Earth's creation, it has been watched over. The human race has gotten careless. The planet is starting the sequence that leads to its self destruction. These 'watchers' have tried to warn the humans, but now... all we can do is hope. Hope, that we can pass the Test.


3. Chapter 2-The Lasers


I stuff a handful of t-shirts into my bag. Gerard left a few minutes ago and Zack is in the kitchen packing up some snacks for the 7 hour car journey. The lasers have their base out in the abandoned industrial parts of Hull. 

A few years ago, the lasers built their base below the harbour, above the ground would have made them easier to find. It also makes them more vulnerable to alien broadcasts.

The lasers are a secret group of international alien specialists. Hackers, ex-government members, ex-area 51 workers and secret highly trained agents are separated into teams and shipped of to different parts of the world. These teams track down anything alien. They stop the government and public from seeing any forms of alien contact.  It's kind of like an international secret Area 51 but only the members know about it.

"Lucy, can you lend me your laptop for the journey?", Zack appears by my bedroom door. I have an urge to throw my pikachu teddy at him. 

"It wont last the whole journey though, it only has 4 hours of battery even on 100%. And when did you  start asking before you took my things?", I put a few Cd's in my bag. We're taking Gerard's car and I don't want to be listening to his crappy rock music.

"Lucy", He puts his hand on my shoulder and makes me turn to him, "I'm asking you because I want to to feel like your a person for a while"

I stare at him blankly, my Knife Party Cd hanging in my fingers.

"What do you mean?"

"Look, when we get to the base, your not going to be give any respect or trust, You haven't met anyone and just being the sister of a laser isn't enough"

"What are saying?"

Zack sighs as if I'm being deliberately awkward.

"I'm saying that your not protected by the what us other lasers are protected by. If you somehow get sent out on a mission and you get lost or kidnapped..."

The doorbell rings, cutting Zack of in mid sentence. 

"That will be Gerard", he turns but I grab the arm of his shirt.

"If I get lost or kidnapped?", I repeat. He sighs again and shakes off my hand

"If you get lost or kidnapped, don't expect someone to come and rescue you. You won't be viewed as important"

He walks out of my room, leaving me speechless.

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