Destroy Them With Lasers

From the beginning of the Earth's creation, it has been watched over. The human race has gotten careless. The planet is starting the sequence that leads to its self destruction. These 'watchers' have tried to warn the humans, but now... all we can do is hope. Hope, that we can pass the Test.


2. Chapter 1- The algorithms


"What do you think it means?", I say staring at the green codes flashing across the black screen. 

"I don't know but it's on every computer in this whole building, everyone is going mental", My older brother is sitting on my bedroom windowsill, "Oh god, it's on my bloody phone as well"

I stand up and turn way from my desk. It's weird having two boys in my room. Normally, I would have hit my brother across the head with my plastic lightaber if he did so much as peek around the door. 

But with all these sudden bursts of algorithms flashing on any available screen on Earth, I need his help figuring out where they are from. My brother, Zack, is a computer hacker. He picked it up a few years ago, hoping it would make him more popular with the girls, but like most of his plans to get a girlfriend, it completely failed.

Now, he just does it for fun, pranking and the occasional spot of revenge. He's always hacking into social websites, minecraft and sometimes if he is up to it, X-box. He's taught me a few things, but nothing like the stuff that's dancing across my laptop screen. 

Gerard, my brothers friend, is more of a gamer than a hacker. They met in town a few years ago, in some video game shop. I'm not surprised that they become friends, they're both the type of teenage boys that spend their nights at home gaming, than going out onto the streets like the other people on this estate. 

Zack is peering at my comic book collection. I'm not, at all, like the girls that live on this estate. They like boy bands, I like dubstep. They diet, I eat enough to create a whale made of food. They spend every night at parties, I spend every night drawing comics and playing on Minecraft.

"When did you get this?", Zack says, pulling out the latest copy of The X-men comic. He glares at the comic.

"Dad got it me when he went to town yester-"

"Dad got it for you?", Zack questions.

"Yes but don't you think this world wide code thing is more important?", I say taking the comic from him and placing it back on the shelf.

"The government should take care of it", Gerard says, flopping onto the pacman bean bag in the corner of my room.

"Yeh, Like we can really trust those bastards to do anything", Zack mutters, staring out of the window, "We're gonna have to take matters into our own hands"

"And what gives us that right?" I say, crossing my arms. Zack turns to me.

"Well it's obvious that this", He says, signaling to the laptop, "Is alien, and it's our job to stop things like this"

"But-", Gerard says, raising his hand.

"No buts Gerard", Zack says, "We're leaving in 2 hours, go home, make up some alibi, we've got to talk to the rest of The Lasers"

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