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Ryder Blitz Clemintine was being abused by her dad ever since her mother divorced him.the last words her mother said to her was "You USLESS piece of shit.Its all your fault.I HOPE YOU DIE"with that her mother left.a month later her dad abused her and would come home late and drunk.he would beat her sensless until he goes to far... Will winter run away and face the fear that her dad might come back and kill her? or would she meet A certain member from One Direction and fall for him? Read to find out more.


5. What Now?

Niall's POV

i woke up to yelling downstairs and Ryder wasn't beside me. Was that all just a dream? I hear something break downstairs and i quickly get up. i opened the door and all hell broke lose. Ryder was hiding behind Liam. Harry and Louis were yelling at Liam to move because they thought she was a deranged fan that snuck in. then the next thing i knew Ryder was hit by a frying pan? She hit the floor and i scream at them. ' GUYS WHAT THE HELL?' They looked at me and Zayn that was holding the frying pan dropped it. Harry spoke first." That crazy fan broke in and we needed to defend ourselfs." i did a quick glare at them and walked slowly to Ryder. She was still breathing so thats good. i heard Louis say "dont get near her she can attack you!!' I glared at him and he held his hands up in defense. 'Shes not a crazy fan shes my friend! she needed a place to stay for a couple days and i offered her.' they all looked guilty now so i just gently picked Ryder up and carried her to my room. wow she was so light. I could barley even feel that im carrying her. I opened the door and laid her down.I left and started yelling at the boys.

Ryders POV

I woke up and i couldnt remember anything that happend. i rubbed my head and winced. Ow why does my head hurt? what the hell happend? Niall came in and smiled. "Yay your up! are you feeling okay?" i shoke my head no and replied "what happend why does my head hurt so much?' he thought twice and hesitated "Um the boys kinda thought you were a crazy fan and zaynn  hit you with a frying pan." from the moment he said that i remembered everything. i went to go find the bathroom and i guess the guy with the curls didnt know who i was so he screamed and grabbed me. then i kicked him in the balls to defend myself. He feel the the floor holding his groin. then a guy in suspenders came in and screamed for a guy named zayn and the person with the buzz cut came in from all the comotion so i hid behind him. Then everything went black. "Welp that not something good to wake up to..." he chuckled sadly and grabbed my hand. He lead me downstairs and we went into the living room i suppose. i saw four guys sitting on the couch watching t.v. Niall cleared his throat and the attention was on us."guys this is Ryder the girl you guys hit with a frying pan." they looked imeddiatly guilty. "hi im zayn.the guy that had the frying pan" i heard the guy with the quiff and tattoes said. "im Louis.the sassmaster from doncaster." the boy with the suspenders said. "im Harry" the guy with the curls said. "And me im liam....The 'dad' in this band." i smiled at the guy who i hid behind. then Niall said "well you already know me." they all got up and said at the same time in the perfect tone. " and were one direction.'  I chuckled and said "And im....The girl who got hit with a frying pan."  they all laughed and we sat down to watch t.v.....I could get used to this.

A/N: Hey my wonderful carrots.who's going to the Where We Are tour?? I Am hopefully. hope you peeps enjoyed this chapter. well that enough for today. And As Always I Will See YOUUU In the Next Chapter... BYE BYE!! hehe i love markiplier. Bye my carrots.

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