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Ryder Blitz Clemintine was being abused by her dad ever since her mother divorced him.the last words her mother said to her was "You USLESS piece of shit.Its all your fault.I HOPE YOU DIE"with that her mother left.a month later her dad abused her and would come home late and drunk.he would beat her sensless until he goes to far... Will winter run away and face the fear that her dad might come back and kill her? or would she meet A certain member from One Direction and fall for him? Read to find out more.



       okay so recently i have been having bad writiers block with this story  so im making a new movella called "Age Doesnt matter" and Its about this guy and girl that have been dating for a year now but theirs one problem. the girls 12 and the guys 16. theyve been together through everything but theirs some bumps in the rode like the long distance relationship.but their still going strong. one day they just stop talking and 10 years later the guys married with a baby on the way and the girl is world famous known by everyone.of course the guy has heard of the international popstar but doesnt remeber her. after they bump into eachother at starbucks they finally recognize eachother and some stuff happens.... Read if you wanna find out some  more ...tata for now!!

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