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Ryder Blitz Clemintine was being abused by her dad ever since her mother divorced him.the last words her mother said to her was "You USLESS piece of shit.Its all your fault.I HOPE YOU DIE"with that her mother left.a month later her dad abused her and would come home late and drunk.he would beat her sensless until he goes to far... Will winter run away and face the fear that her dad might come back and kill her? or would she meet A certain member from One Direction and fall for him? Read to find out more.


2. Maybe I Should Maybe I Shouldn't

                                          Ryder's POV.

"Um who are you?" i said as i stared at him. He slowly turned around and asked "What are you doing here i thought i was the only one who new where this is?". I nodded in agreement and headed to him "what are you doing here anyway?". "I got in a fight with the boys back at home." "boys?" "yea were in one direction the british- irish boy band." he beamed proudly. huh One Direction? i never heard of them. i wonder if their super famous or something. i thought until i realized he had gotten up and held his hand out to help me up. i glady took his hand and looked down. "what are you doing here?" the boy i still dint know the name of asked. "um i dont know where to go." i said simply and hid my arms trying to hide them for he wont see them. "how come?did you run away?" i stayed silent for a little while."you can say that." he looked away and said "so whats your name love?" i stayed silent for another little while. "Ryder. what about your name hot shot" He laughed at what i said and said "Niall.Niall Horan From one direction as i said before" i laughed a bit "i should probably go now niall from one direction.nice meeting you. i start walking away when Niall grabs my hand and i flinch from the pain. he pulls away quickly and looks at me confuesed. "sorry that just hurt a little" i look down and a tear falls.

                                          Nialls POV 

i watch her as a tear slides down her face. she was beautifullike literally i couldnt keep my eyes off her.i was so curious then i caught myself saying "you're coming with me. i just cant leave you here" uh oh what did i just say. Im such an idiot sometimes. i bet she thinks im a pervert or something. wait did i just see her smile? yes i did i saw her smile! maybe she like me. what if she was just smiling because she wanted- i saw her smile disapear. "ill stay with you but only for two day.Got that?" i nod happily. we started walking to my house that i shared with the boys when were on vacation from all the screaming fans and concerts mostly every night. i started down the side walk watching her carefully. she looks some what...hurt like she has something hidden about her. i wonder why she ran away from home? why was she leaving home where her parents are probabaly worried sick about her. i want to ask her badly why i want to know why?!

A/N will Niall end up asking Ryder? what will happen when he asks her what happened?Will she leave or will she stay for her own safety. read the next chapter ill try updating as much as i can!

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