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Ryder Blitz Clemintine was being abused by her dad ever since her mother divorced him.the last words her mother said to her was "You USLESS piece of shit.Its all your fault.I HOPE YOU DIE"with that her mother left.a month later her dad abused her and would come home late and drunk.he would beat her sensless until he goes to far... Will winter run away and face the fear that her dad might come back and kill her? or would she meet A certain member from One Direction and fall for him? Read to find out more.


4. im Sorry


As me and niall were walking i could see him glancing at me every few mineuts. i wonder what hes thinking. "So Um Ryder why were you all alone out here?" i froze and turned pale. "whats wrong? im sorry i shouldnt have asked lets just forget this " i quickly shoke my head no and told him everything. from the begining to now. i stopped myself from crying.he  quietly said sorry and we continued walking in an akward silence.we arrived at this mansion and i gasped in shock. 'omg this is where you live?!' he chuckled and smiled saying"yep well not froever we go back on tour in a couple days.'" i nodded and i followed him inside and i heard a deep british accent yell "NIALL IS THAT YOU?!" he rolled his eyes and me and he took my hand and marched upstairs.He didnt say a word until he slammed the door shut and said a quick sorry and jumped into his bed. i sat on the edge of his bed and looked at him. he was really cute. no snap out of it im not suppose to fall in love with him. i quickly turn away and i feel him shift behind me and i feel him wrap his arms around me and snuggle close to me . i didnt move and i layed their smiling to myself.

A/N: sorry this was really really short. ill try my hardest to udpate.bye for now my lovlies gotta go worry about the 1D big annoucment and flip out wondering what its going to be. BYEEEEE MY CARROTS

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