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Ryder Blitz Clemintine was being abused by her dad ever since her mother divorced him.the last words her mother said to her was "You USLESS piece of shit.Its all your fault.I HOPE YOU DIE"with that her mother left.a month later her dad abused her and would come home late and drunk.he would beat her sensless until he goes to far... Will winter run away and face the fear that her dad might come back and kill her? or would she meet A certain member from One Direction and fall for him? Read to find out more.


1. My Story

                                             Chapter One:My story

 My names Ryder Blitz Clemintine. I'm 18 and im being abused by my "dad" Dilen. When my mom divorced him he went insane and started abusing me. I have Blue eyes and golden brown hair. I have alot of cuts and bruises on my body and a burn from when i first tried to run away.I heard the door Slam and i knew it was Dilen coming back home drunk. I knew how this would end up but what i didn't know he had something else in store for me..."Ryder! Get you're ASS down here right now!" i slowly climbed down the stairs and found him on the couch sitting down."get me another beer and turn the telly on NOW!" "yes sir" i did what i was told and he slamed me against the wall and i felt a sharp pain across my face.he roughly started to kiss me and i tried pulling back but that resulted in him punching me in the gut.i groaned from the pain and he threw me on his shoulder and threw me on his bed....the next thing he did was vile and cruel that only a monster would do...i was raped. From that moment on i knew i had to get out of that monsters house. I was lucky he passed out and that he was a heavy sleeper. I quickly ran to my room and took out a sparkly blue suitcase with 'RYDER' written on the front. I got my laptop and my charger. My Iphone with its pink charger. I packed 3 pairs of pj's, my hairbrush,10 long sleave shirts,12 regular tops, 15 pairs of jeans,2 pairs of shorts my toothbrush and toothpaste,shampoo and conditioner,soap,enough undergarments and bras,hair thingies for my hair,my lucky necklace,a picture frame with me and my best friend that died when i was 16,my diary, my sketch book(i love drawing),colored pencils,markers,scisors,my lucky stuffed bear, and my ipod with all my favorite the front pack i packed 5 sandwiches, 5 bottles of water , and my lifes savings wich was near 2,000 dollars. i grabbed my dilens wallet and cleaned it out he had 200 in advanced his credit card witch had 500 dollars in them.I put everything inside and zipped it up and quickly clambered out my window. i heard my dad scream "RYDER GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" i didnt stop running then he started his car. he boomed " I WILL GET YOU BACK RYDER ONE WAY OR ANOTHER! I WILL FIND YOU" i panicked and ran faster.i lost his car when i went into a secret park that only i knew about. I froze when i saw a boy about my age sitting on the bench. He had blonde hair but you can easliy see that he bleached it since a little bit of brown was showing. i finally broke and asked "uhm who are you..?"                                         

    A/N CLIFFHANGERRRRR would niall help out ryder or would she deny him.would they fall in love or would dilen come back and ruin everything. find out in the next chapter.                     

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