Overcoming My Limits

At only the age of 11, Blythe Mitchell had been caught up in a terrible situation. One her family recalls as "The Accident." Her right leg was considered paralyzed and all the nerves had died, but Blythe had hope. One doctor she had consulted told her that in several years, she may just walk again.
Now, at the age of 17, Blythe is still wheelchair bound and even more curious about her "accident." It seems as if everyone but her knows what happened those many years ago. Her seemingly over-protective mother keeps silent and no one, not even her loyal maid, Macy Matthews, will tell her a thing. Which lead to another mystery. Why did the Matthews' go bankrupt after her accident? Did it have anything to do with her family?

Questions keep appearing. Can Blythe find the answers? Will she find her past, or will she finally understand the danger she's in?


14. "you've got the love" -florence and the machine

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse. The only thing that kept me going nowadays was thought that he loved me. Did he even love me in the first place? A stupid question, of course he did. You could clearly see it. So what has changed, besides all of the obvious reasons? He was rebellious; something like this wouldn’t stop him from doing what he wanted. He told me he wanted me, so what is stopping him? Maybe it was my mother. Well, it was obviously my mother, and there weren’t always loopholes in her decisions. Though, I still had this itching feeling. Why had he even called in the first place? And asking for my mother of all people? Also, why was he so eager to hang up?

“Blythe, honey, who was that?” mother stepped into the area.

“Oh, uhm it was telemarketers.” I lied.

“Okay, then. Well, I’m off. I’ll be back in around an hour.” With that, she closed the door behind her and left. I thought about leaving shortly after her, but that plan was a bust. After all, where would I go and how would I get there? I don’t have my own money, and I most definitely can’t protect myself. Basically, I was screwed either way. Life seemed to be screwing me over more often than not lately.

I wheeled around the house some more, taking in some of the more intricate detailing I hadn’t noticed before. I ran my fingers along the wall, feeling the even polish of the paint. As I rounded a corner into the kitchen, something caught my eye. My father was over by the swing talking to the strange man I had seen long before. I wasn’t very good at reading lips but I picked out the words ‘money,’ and ‘daughter.’ Please don’t let them be discussing my whereabouts again. The man did a double-take, seeing me in the window. He gave me a gnarled smirk as he waved to me. I turned my head in disgust, and removed myself from his line of sight. He was here again…why?

I shook the thought from my head. My stomach grumbled, so I decided to raid the kitchen. I was rustling through the pantry when I heard the back-porch door creak open.

“I was right, Richard. Your daughter has grown into a beautiful young lady.” The man’s voice echoed. I threw myself into the pantry and quietly shut the doors. I peeked through the thin gap in between the doors. I could now see the man’s face clearly as he was only standing a mere ten feet away. He was tall and broad, large muscles being the main frame of his figure. He had short dirty blonde hair, and don’t mean the color ‘dirty blonde,’ I just mean that it’s blonde and it looks like it hasn’t been washed in awhile… a very long while. He had surprisingly fair skin for a man of his size and build, and his eyes were a piercing blue. They were so florescent that they made me uncomfortable.

“I suppose she has.” My father shifted uneasily from side to side.

“Suppose?” the man laughed. “Are you saying you’re not so sure?”

“You could say that…”

“Aw, Rich. Are you having problems at home?” the man said in a mocking voice. My father gave him a poisonous glare.

“I don’t need you to ‘comfort’ me, Kyle.” Kyle, so this man’s name was Kyle?

“I wasn’t going to comfort you. I was just going to ask for the juicy gossip.” Kyle smirked.

“What? There isn’t any gossip.”

“Well, your wife didn’t seem too fond of that boy who used to hang around. I mean, she did pull a gun on him.” He laughed.

“You saw that?”

“Richard, I’ve been watching everything. And anyways, who was that boy? After my six years of watching this place, I’ve never seen him ‘round.”

“That’s B…..that’s Brandon.”

Matthews? You’re joking!” Kyle asked surprised.

“Kyle, we both know that I don’t ‘joke.’”

“Well he’s certainly grown into a handsome guy. No wonder your little girl was kissing all over him in the garden.”

My cheeks burnt a bright red; I could feel it melting through the pantry doors. Dad clenched his jaw.

“Yeah,” he spoke through gritted teeth, “don’t remind me.”

“What wrong? You don’t like the boy? He’s not the annoying little runt he was years ago.” Kyle said.

“It’s not that I don’t like him, it’s just I don’t like him being with Blythe.”

“Love knows no bounds, or so Marius Gherghinescu likes to think.” Kyle quoted, smiling.

“They’re not in love.” Father spat. I was majorly confused. He was there when I told Brandon I loved him.

“Oh, quite the contrary my dear Richard. You can most definitely see it.” Kyle teased.

“I’ll not accept it and neither will Claire! We don’t tolerate this foolishness.”

“Ah, foolishness you say. She’s possibly attracted to him due to his stylish good looks, or maybe it’s because he was the only one who protected her during the most crucial time of her life.” Kyle’s tone became threatening. Father banged his fist on the table.

“Lies! He didn’t protect her!”

 “It’s very much the truth. Either way, he did a much better job than you.”

“I tried.”

“You tried and failed. You have no idea how hard it was dealing with those two brats. All of the crying and screaming. Oh, most definitely the screaming. The shrieks were just blood curdling, and speaking of the blood, it was everywhere. Poor little girl wouldn’t have stood a chance on her own. All that boy did was get in the way. You’re lucky he was there.”

My brain couldn’t process what it was being told; crying, screaming, and blood. Where did Brandon and I fit into all of this? It was like I had some kind of mental block. Then it hit me, did this have to do with the dreams I’ve been having? Were they relevant to the evidence being presented?

“I hate to admit it, but you’re right. There was nothing I could do.”

“Maybe next time, you shouldn’t let small children roam the fields on their own.” Kyle said as he sauntered out the door once again.

Fields? Was he talking about the meadow? How could they be dangerous? Brandon and I used to play there all the time… Wait, had this man abducted us? It seemed blatantly obvious, but when had he done it? Not to mention, all of the things he had said. Did Kyle’s men actually hurt me? Is that why I couldn’t remember?

After double-checking that both men had gone, I cautiously peered out the pantry door. The coast was clear as I quickly wheeled myself away to my room. At least I was safe being in solitary confinement, or so that’s how it felt.

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