True love or bloody love (1D )

how was I suppose to know I was a vampire My parents nether my brother never wanted to tell me but as i smelled that scent that drives me crazy.. but how didn't i experimented that when i was younger ....when i just turn 16 years old it started , i killed...... i cant even say his name it haunts me every night I feel disgusted of myself i loved him but now i don't have nobody to love nobody to talk with everybody giving me pity but they don't know who killed him and they wont know my name is Isabella Marie Devine . My brother Josh is a vampire too even the guys so called One direction i think that's the name... i don't really like them just one of them that i fell in love since the first day he helped me... so i'll tell you my disgusting life since that day that started to haunt me



Isabella's Pov

I woke up at 6:30 am by the Alarm. I got up and went to shower i was now 16 years old  i felt a little weird i checked myself in the mirror my hair wasn't all tangled and short it was waive and long and black  my skin was white as the snow was taller and have more curves in the right spots, i had to tell my mom why do i look so different i got dressed    ( )  and went downstairs  and was greeted by my father who looked surprised and nervous (mother name is Kathrien and Father's name Mark 

Isabella's F: Eee good morning Isabella umm Kathrien come quick 

mother  comes running to the living and had a surprised face after looking at me 

Isabella: Why do i look so diferent can somebody explain 

Mother K: Umm Mark she´s now 16 she needs to know 

Mark: fine but she Will Freak Out 

Isabella: Why am i going to freak out O.o 

Kathrien: Isabella your not a human being , your a vampire 

Isabella: WHAT this must be a joke were are the camaras

Mark: this isn´t a joke when you turn 16 years old your powers and beauty get stronger

Isabella: but you guys look old wait thats why my brother doesn´t look old

Kathrien: heyy im not old by age yes, but looks noo

Isabella: yeah mom but omg you have wrinkles and bags under your eyes

mom goes running to the bathroom tipical

Mark: you girls will never change 

Isabella: my mom is like a child dad 

Kathrien: I am not a child im just a young lady

Isabella: who tells you that my dad

Kathrien: noooo.............. maybe



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