A love story, that turns sour. Forgotten.

Includes, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn, but it's not about One Direction, their names are just awesome:)


2. Morning

I wake up slowly, and stretch my legs, un-curling them from Harry's. A groan escapes his lips as I wake him up. 

'Morning' I say softly.

'Mhmm' He mumbles back, yanking me gently forward and kissing me. This time, I let him. I pull away, which brings another groan from Harry as he flops back down onto his pillow. 

'I'm going in the shower, I need to be in London for 10, it's my big Gucci shoot.' I tell him. 

'I'll take you down to the train station then, what do you want for breakfast?' He asks me.

'Some orange juice maybe, you know how long it takes for me to get ready' 

'No, you will have breakfast' Harry says, his voice strict. I laugh at him and say,

'Some orange juice and toast then'

'Okay babe' He replies, grabbing his phone from the bedside table. I blow him a kiss, and walk to the bathroom.

After having a shower, I check my phone. 7:30. It'll take an hour to get to London, so I'm fine for time. I blow dry my hair, and tie it up into a messy bun. They'll style it when I get to London, no point doing anything with it. Same goes for make-up, but I put a bit of concealer on. I've got a spot on my chin that really annoys me. I wander back into Harry's bedroom, and open my bag. I pull out a white Boy London top, which I wear with a gold skirt and tights, and a pair of black Dr.Martens. My styles weird, but I like it. I like to think it was my style that got me noticed by my agent. I'm staying at Harry's again tonight, so I set some pyjamas on the bed, ready for when I come in. I take a look at my appearance in the mirror, before Harry starts calling me for breakfast. 

After I've finished eating, I grab my purse and phone before heading out to the car. Harry follows me. 

We drive to the train station, singing to the radio, laughing at each other. When we pull up outside, I kiss Harry softly. 

'Love you' I say. 

'Love you too' He says back.

I climb out of the car, and walk up to the pay station. 

'I have tickets reserved for Abi Walker' I tell the man at the station. He looks up, and gives me a flirty, slow smile. I grimace, and hold my hand out for the tickets. He gives them to me, looking me up and down. I quickly walk away, and board the train.

I find my seat in the first class carriage, and grab some magazines from the holder next to me. I flick through some, until I find a picture of me. I grin as I read the page, describing fashion styles and how to wear certain clothes. The train ride goes quickly, and I soon get to London, and into the car that is waiting for me.


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