A love story, that turns sour. Forgotten.

Includes, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn, but it's not about One Direction, their names are just awesome:)


1. Love

Me and Harry have been dating for two years now. It's weird, we're complete opposites, and yet, we were made for each other. I was completely innocent until I met Harry. According to Harry, I'm still innocent now, but I've changed a lot. It's amazing what one person can do. 


'Hey' I shout, slamming the door as I walked into Harry's flat. 

'Hello beautiful' I hear a voice shout back, coming from the kitchen. I kick off my shoes and take off my coat, putting them both neatly on top of my bag. As I walk into the kitchen, I can smell melted cheese, which means one thing. IT'S NACHO TIME.

'Here' Harry says, turning to look at me, with a plate of nachos in his hand. 

'Thankyou sir' I say cutely, using my puppy dog eyes. He laughs, and leans over to kiss me. I dodge him, and grab the nachos before running away, giggling to myself. I jump on the server, being careful not to tip the nachos over.

After watching some Pretty Little Liars (Harry's favourite tv show), we decided to go to bed. I was full from eating all the nachos, and it had been a busy day at work. I'm a model. It's not because I'm pretty though, I just have a certain look that the magazines seem to want nowadays. I look like a basic teenage girl, but slightly taller, slightly glossier hair. I'm someone that teenage girls can aim to look like, but it's realistic. I love it, but with 8-9 hour shoots, just to get a few photos, it can be tiring.

I changed into my pyjamas, and clambered into bed. It was freezing. I whimpered, and stretched my arms out, wanting Harry next to me. He grins at me, and jumps beside me, pulling me towards him. I wiggle my head into his chest, getting comfy. He kisses me on the head, like he does every night we sleep together.

'Love you' I whisper.

'Love you too' He whispers back.



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