Troll Hunting.

Sophie, her dog Timmy and her eagle, Eric live in a cave, on a cliff. She see's something move but when she finds out what they are things don't turn out well.

A story I made in year 3, 5 years ago...


1. Troll Hunting.

Sophie, a 12 year old girl, she didn't have any family to live with but her dog Timmy, and giant pet eagle Eric. Sophie lives in a cave on a cliff in a magical forest. One day Sophie was sitting outside the cave with Timmy, who was licking her hand frantically. Sophie spotted a large movement in the forest, she climbed down from the cliff to take a closer look. As she gets closer she hears a grunting noise, she hides behind a tree grabbing on to Timmy.

Timmy barks at the grunting noise, and runs towards it, Sophie tries to hang on to Timmy and pull him back but it's no use. Timmy scrambles out of Sophies reach and runs towards the noise. Sophie panicks, she didn't want them ( it ) know where they live. She peaks round to see where Timmy went and instead saw a dreadful sight.

It was ugly, tall, fat. It had a long nose and warts all over it's body. It was a troll!!! But not just one, there was about twenty gathering round a campfire. Then Sophie spotted Timmy hiden up in a cage, one of the trolls was walking over to him, the trolls were chanting "Burn The Dog! Burn The Dog!" Over and over and over again. Sophie sprinted back to the cave to find Eric. She explained what had happened and what her plan to get Timmy back was.

Sophie climbed on to Eric's back.They swooped into the air and flew to the troll's camp. Sophie pushed the troll which had Timmy in his hands, Timmy climbed onto Eric's back. Eric zoomed up onto the cliff. They ran inside so the trolls wouldn't spot them.

After that day Sophie sat out on the cliff looking for the trolls, she never found them, it was as if they had dissapered. Years and years after, one night Sophie couldn't get to sleep, she tried and tried but she never fell asleep. But then she heard a grunting noise, the same grunting noise the trolls had made years before.

She panicked and covered her ears, she fell asleep. She never heard, saw of thought of the trolls ever again.


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