Troll Hunting.

Sophie, her dog Timmy and her eagle, Eric live in a cave, on a cliff. She see's something move but when she finds out what they are things don't turn out well.

A story I made in year 3, 5 years ago...


2. Sophie and Timmy.

I would just like to say that, troll hunting is one of my many stories I have made up over the years. This particular story was created in my primary when I was in year 3, I then went onto using it as homework and a exam in year 5. Sophie and Timmy are one of my many groups of characters I use in stories.

I would like you to give my more ideas for aventures for Sophie and Timmy using the catorgory of fantasy mostly but others too. They can go anywhere, but no swearing or innapropriate scenes. I would eventually like to make the adventures of Sophie and Timmy a collection of books on movellas. But I can't do it without you! Please either join my group or comment giving me ideas. The group will be called: The Adventures Of Sophie And Timmy. But I would like to consider a diffrent name for the series.



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