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I'm called June. I have a crush on my next door neighbor. A tall blonde with chilling blue eyes. I haven't even worked up the courage to talk to him. Everytime I see him I run and hide so he doesn't see me, as you can tell I'm shy. Will I get the audacity to get over this fear that overcomes me?

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1. I Didn't Know

       The soft snowflakes licked my face and a shiver went through every nerve I possessed, greeting me when I shut the door behind me. He was right there. I longed for him to notice me. I knew it wouldn't happen, but how much I longed for it overpowered me almost as much as the fear I had to talk to him. This was it. It'd been a year since he'd moved next door and I need to get over my childish trepidation. I trudged through the thick blanket of snow on my yard to the mailbox. I pulled out the mail and looked it over, someone was walking over to me. Wait. It wasn't my mum, it wasn't the old man that lives across the road. It was him. I got hot, melting the snow on my cheeks and the chill in my spine. "Hey." I heard. Even though I was previously aware of him I still jumped at his voice.. talking to me, me. "Sorry, didn't mean to cause you fright." he said fast. I looked up at him. He looked nervous, maybe remorseful at the idea he had to venture over and speak to me. But his expression changed when I looked at him. His lips curved to a modest grin and a glint sparkled into his eyes, like a snowflake. "I thought it was kind of silly how I never introduced myself to you and thought now would be alright. My name's Niall." he said.

       "My name's June." I said. I wasn't sure what else to say.. So much for bravery, I suppose.

      "Nice to meet you, June." he said sincerely, my name rolling off his teeth perfectly, making me blush. "Um, would you like to go for a walk?" he said shyly. At this point I could die then and there. The boy I had peeked at through windows on countless days was asking to take me on a walk.

       "Okay. Just let me ask me mum." I said. He nodded and smiled. I trekked back through the snow using my original route with some ease. I still clutched onto the mail, an apparatus of insurance bills and a local car dealership ads and once in a lifetime internet deal. He chuckled at me, assuming he realized how goofy I looked holding onto the spam for dear life. He helped me through, holding the small of my back. Waiting at the bottom of the steps for me to ask my mom. I opened the door and walked in. My mum was in her violet robe, pajama pants showing to her ankles while she stirred her coffee.

       "Hi mum. Niall asked me if I could go for I walk." I said more so like a statement and less like a question. She knew I fancied him, even though he's a few years older. She looked in my direction and smiled, knowing how I felt.

       "Are you sure you wanna go in your pajamas?" she asked. I gasped. I just realized I was wearing my thin cotton orange cat in the hat pajama pants, I was mortified. I shook my head at her. "Tell him I said you needed to change, first." I nodded and did just that and then ran to my room. I put on normal pants and my favorite striped long sleeve on under my light grey pea coat. It was satisfactory. I ran back outside after kissing mum on the cheek whilst trying not to smell her black coffee breath. He smiled at me and grabbed my hand to help me through the snow, I didn't really need any help, but I didn't say that to him. The snow and wind settled down. Now the snow fell at a small pace and quantity. The trees coated and houses covered with the white peaceful substance I adored. It was a scene of black and white all through the neighborhood. Niall seemed entranced by it's beauty as well.

       Minutes later, I realized he was heading us in a particular direction to a precise destination. I grinned up at him when I saw what place it was. He lead us to my favorite place. I had written a poem on it at school for a competition describing how breathtaking and painstakingly beautiful it looked in the winter. "How did you know?" I whispered looking into his eyes.

        "I read your poem, I thought the place you were talking about had to be imaginary, but the other day when I drove past here I saw it. I saw everything you saw. I needed to know who wrote the poem. When I found out it was you, my next door neighbor, I- I had to talk to you." he said with his words humming with genuine passion.

        I had tears swelling up in the corners in my eyes. I felt the happiest I'd ever been. "And now we're here." I said. He nodded. He looked at me and his eyes got wide. He wiped my tears and hesitantly, at first, he hugged me. This made me cry harder, happy tears. I hugged his warm torso and rested my face in his chest. We stood there in the center of my special place. The ground covered in snow resonated with the look of sugar, the river streaming through to remind you time was still moving, the trees resting with a complete calm letting the soft snow blanket it gingerly. I smiled at this. How could my life lay out such a beautiful moment.

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