Planting Dreams

Alex and Jessica have been best friends since they were 2 years old. They both live on Alex's family farm. One day, Alex discovers some boys unconscious in their barn. They take him in and nurse him back to health. His name is Liam James Payne. When they ask him what happened things start to get complicated...


2. Look What I Found!?!?!

~Alex's POV~

I heard some rare noises at the barn. I didn't know why. All the animals were outdoors and our parents were in Brazil seeing a farm they may purchase.

"Did you heard that noise?" I asked Jessica

"Which noise?"

"I swear, it's true"

"Well, you go and see." she whined.

I wasn't very happy. I expected some support but she was so sleepy she couldn't help. I went to the barn. Some very handsome boys were lying on the floor. I ran to tell Jessica.

"Hey! Jessica! You HAVE to see this!"  I exclaimed.

Jessica left Everest in the our cabin, she knows every time I say that it's something really interesting.

"What happened?" she asked

"Come here, there's a guy that looks like you."

We enter into the barn.

"What is this?" she asked.

"They look a bit sick".

"The blonde one looks VERY sick."

"Should we go to the hospital?"

"What do you think?!"

Jessie bolted into the house and next thing I knew there were ambulances everywhere. They hauled the boys onto stretchy platforms and into the ambulances. One of the ambulance drivers went up to us.

"Would you like a ride?" he asked.

"Sure." we said.

"WAIT!!! I NEED EVIE!!!" Jessie said sprinting in the house.

"Evie?" the man asked.

"Her pet pig. Her real name is Everest."


She came out carrying Everest in one hand and a leash in the other. We both rode in different ambulances. Considering there are five. Jessie rode in the one with the boy with curly hair and I rode in the one with blonde hair. How did they get in our barn??

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