The Pretty Nerd

Camila better known as the school's nerd but she's super pretty... Everyone one thinks she's really cool. Every boy in school likes her bt she like no one she only likes these to wonderful boys from one direction but she's never going to meet them... or will she???



Cami's P.O.V

I woke up to my brother's shouting. I have three brothers but i only live with two of them. There the older one who's 7 turning 8 in August. Then there's one who's 4 he's turning 5 in 3 days. I'm Cami Galarza.. Well I'm a Nerd but I'm pretty cool.. I mean people call my pretty but I feel like I'm just a Nerd.. I'm Single but i get asked out everyday by Jocks, Nerds, Wierdo. But I'm waiting for the right one... I have Black eyes and Bloneish hair.. I have to wear glasses cause of my vison and i've always been into Nerd glasses I LOVE MY LIGHT BLUE NERD GLASSES!!!! I have my bestfriends Erin and Ellie and Kelly. There pretty smart but I'm the smartest. I love them so much. We love One direction so much like alot!!!!!! Ellie likes Liam, Kelly likes Zayn, Erin likes Louis... Me?? Well I like them all but My fav are Niall and Harry. I put on a shirt with strips and sespensers and my red shorts. I'm Louis!!! I put on my make-up. I went with just Maskara and that's it. I was to Lazy. I put on my toms with one direction on the heel. I got my purse and went downstairs."Hey Mom" I said. "Hola Cami" She said back which mean Hi Cami. I'm from Argentina. I speak Spanish and Engish. " Sup Wierdos" I said when My little brothers came up to eat Ceral. " Chao Mami" I said grabing an apple.(which means Bye mom). I went walking over to my mom and gave her a kiss on the cheeck. I walked out the door and started walking to school.

Harry's P.O.V

Me and the boys are starting a new school today. I woke up the boys and they got dressed. I was already dressed to I went to the kicken and got out some ceral since we didn't have time for Pancakes. Nialler came running down the stairs for ceral." GOOD MORNING HAZZA... NOW WHERE'S THE CERAL!!!!" Niall said makeing all of the boys come down but not Zayn of course he was fixing his hair.*Done eating and Zayn fineally came down sorry to lazy to write that* We were getting into the car.*Skip Car ride*When we got to school....


Niall's P.O.V

I was running to the boys and then " Thump" I bumped into someone. Great I'm now a loser" I'm SO SORRY!!!" I said to the girl. " It's Fine"She said smiling. She was beautful her eyes, Her hair, her clothes which looked like Louis clothes which than was wierd." Omg Are you guys One Direction??" She said." Yup" We said at the same time. She giggled. " Umm I'm Cami Galarza" She said sticking her hand out so someone would shake it. I shaked her hand. " Hi I'm Niall Horan" I said. " I know who you guys are.." She said. why did I say that?? " Umm Well Can I still have that Handshake Cami??" Harry said. That was wierd... " Yep .. Sorry" she said shakeing Harry's Hand." OMG I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT" Louis Said. She laughed. It was so cute. " Do you guys need any help.. cause well I'm sort of a Nerd.. So.. Yeah plus  I'm The school helper with new kids" She said." Omg Look at Miss Smarty-Pants with those Hotties" A girl said. " THANKS FOR WHISPERING" Cami said." Cami why are they like that??" I asked. " Well you know the Nerds get picked on.. And umm I'm a nerd but I'm a cool Nerd.. that's what people say"...


*A/N Hey Gals and Guys... So you like like??  I love this story i don' know why.. But I  do... Btw Thanks for reading!!! Please Commet if you think i should keep going... LUFF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


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