my little big secret

a girl named adriana is trying to get a part in a musical play, on the night of the play thousands of people come to see her, she has been emailing a sectect edmirer. she starts seeing signs of this one person almost every where she goes, she ends up meeting them and not even knowing its him, they become more and more friends then suddenly find out that her secret edmirer is one of the lads from one direction.


3. who are you?

i went down stairs for dinner with my mom finding new people n my house. "oh hey mom who are they?" i asked as i walked up to her and put my arm around her sholders. "this is one of one directions peoples" "WHAT! OMG REALLY!!??" "yeah we are, we would like to know if your mom could be part of thier life, with the music and all, i also hear ypu a good dancer/singer." a man in a black suite said. i looked at my mom thinking she said it to him. "hunn i didnt say that." "when who did?  who else would be saying that the only people who hurd me sing was alex, you mom , the people at the audicians, and that secret edmirer....he said he was ....." "who hunn?" my mom started to seem worried for my blank and shocked face. "um sir? did niall tell you about me?" i question the man in the suite. "yeah , in fact he did." "omg ok ill be right back i have to go do something!" i went back up sairs in a hurry. i went in my room closed the door and got back on the computer. i went on my email and i got another email from him. it had said ;

"sorry to scare you lad, i just have noticed you before but you never see me, this might sound really wierd and please dont call the cops on me but your beautiful, the way you have your hair, no make up, the way you dress your beautiful, im not just saying this you really are beautiful. your perfect to me. i can gonna see you verry shortly. i hope this didnt scare you, and you dont message back."

what do i do a man .. niall horn... a creep... SOMEONE just called beautiful like 5 times. they watch me, im so calling 911! i go to send a message, but then there is a know on my door. i close the tab quickly before anyone can see. my mom walked in  the room, "hey mom" "hey what are you up too?" when i hurd a laught not any normal laught a loud funny sweet laught. "mom... is that ...?!" "mmmhmmm its the lads from one direction they are gonna stay here for a little." "one second while i go die in a whole full of 5 SEX GODS LIVING IN MY HOUSE!" i got up and flooped on my bed. when a know was at my door again. "ill get it you go get ready." my mom said opening up the door a little so no one can see me getting changed. "hello niall, zayn, liam ,louis, and harry! we are so glad to have you here! here let me show you guys your rooms. niall and liam are beside Adrianas room." just when i hurd that my eyes opend wide. niall horan my secret edmirer was gonna be in the room beside me! they where already in the room unpacking. i got changed in to a one direction top that had been tied up in the back. and i had put on some red jeans. i had posters of one direction, only one direction, and some more of one direction, we pretty much lived in a mantion and  all my walls where covered in one direction posters. i even had a picture of me from one of thier concerts with them. niall was beside me on my left and harry on my right, then all the other lads. niall was looking at me insead of the camera. i got on some socks that where a lime green, curled my hair in rings and was ready to meet them, i went to nialls and liams room first since it was the closest.

"hey im Adriana you can call me Ad, sorry for the pink room it is for guest and usally the guest are girls instead of 5 sex gods.... .. did i just say that outloud..?" i started turning red at this piont.

"haha yeah you did.. its ok tho we got called other thing but not a sex god before i gues new things are good. im guessing you know who we are then?" liam said not even looking at me. niall was opn the top bunk just sitting ther with his  mouth open drolling by his chinny chin chin. 

" well if you guys need me i will be talking to the other 3 lads, or in the kitchen." i said with a smile and walked away closing the door.


" liam did you see her, she is so beautiful, im gonna try to get her to be close to me. at less good friends."  "c'mon niall help un pack im not doing all your stuff. and im sure you will be friends with her your a nice mate, trust me".

Ad's POV

omg that person really was niall. i went all the way down stairs into the extra room, where i found louis ,harry ,and zayn. " hey im Adriana you cna call me Ad. we are so hppy to have you hear." i had said with a big smile on. "omg" harry said with big eyes. the boys stopped what they were doing and looked at me."you really are beautiful, but i better keep my mouth quiet i love el, but you are pretty" louis siad . i started to blush. " haha thanx guys. um well if you need anything or wanna do something jsut call me up ill be glad to help." i went upstairs and into the kitchen. before i went into the kitchen i hurd liam and niall talking. i staed behind the wall listening. i could just hear them. 

i was nialls first love. i did have a hudge crush on him but i want to hide it, i dont want to become his girlfriend so fast, i got to play the hard game. i hurd them coming and i ran. i went down to the front door and put on some shoes, and went to alexs house. i slammed the door shut and ran. "alex! alex!" i knocked on the door freaking out. alexs mom came and answered, "hello you must be Ad alex had said so much nie things about you he is in his room," "can i go see him i got good news for him.. well for me one direction is staying at my house!! can i please go see him??" " yeah go right ahead" i ran up stairs yelling alexs name. he came running to me. "hey Ad whats up?" "ONE DIRECTION!!! IS AT MY HOUSE"."so, its just one direction" "your a directiantor! omg how am i friends with you!?" we both laugh alittle. "well i better get back. my mom "


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