my little big secret

a girl named adriana is trying to get a part in a musical play, on the night of the play thousands of people come to see her, she has been emailing a sectect edmirer. she starts seeing signs of this one person almost every where she goes, she ends up meeting them and not even knowing its him, they become more and more friends then suddenly find out that her secret edmirer is one of the lads from one direction.


2. waiting for a call

we finally arrived at the theater just on time, we ran in and they had just called up my name i went on stage and acted out the romantic scene. there was a bit of singing i had to do and i did it. i was so nevouse! at the end every one was silent. "..was i that bad?.." i asked the director. "thank you we will call you if you got the part." he said. just then some one started claping. i looked aroundand it wasnt alex. i gave him a wierd look and got out ofthat place. we walked home together since he lived 2 doors down. i walked in the house and saw my mom talking to some people. so i just introduced my self and went up to my room. i turned on my radio and went on my emial. i had 2 new messages. one was from an old boyfriend saying he missed me and all that, and was sorry for cheating on me. i ignored that one and looked at the otherone, it was a message from someone named CaTs_LaRrY.S. @ hotmail .com  (A/N: please dont message this i made this email up) it had said;

Hey, i saw your audiciaNs today you are a good actor and a really good sInger, i hurd your mother is pArt of a music indoustry. is it true? i was at your schooL today im in your cLass with Mr.SmitH but i dOnt sit in in youR clAss i sit iN a small room where no one sees me. with 4 other friends. i was the one clapping at the theater. you really where good i hope you can send me something back so we can chat or if we can meet soon. oh and i had used capitals to say who i am i also know your number from your paper you sent in from the audician i might callyou. :)

 ~secret edmirer

"OMG... i have a creep..." i said t omy self. i took a piece of paper and rote down that capital letters;


"omg niall horan what does he have to do with anything? how does thisperson know i am inlove with niall horan?!" i messaged the person back. "hey, um i dont know who you are and you are really scaring me so umcan you please not send anymore and i got the message niall horan but what does he have to do about this??.."

 i sent the message and i was really scared now, i closed the tab and went down stairs to my mom acting ike nothing was wrong.

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