my little big secret

a girl named adriana is trying to get a part in a musical play, on the night of the play thousands of people come to see her, she has been emailing a sectect edmirer. she starts seeing signs of this one person almost every where she goes, she ends up meeting them and not even knowing its him, they become more and more friends then suddenly find out that her secret edmirer is one of the lads from one direction.


4. 10new messages

i got back home and niall was waiting for me. 

"hey you left you phone here. you ot some text messages from a guy, i didnt read them dont worrie. i wont et in the way of you and your boyfriend." he said passing my phone to me then walking away. "um i dont have a boyfriend." i said unlockin the phone and reading some messages. "oh well thats nice to hear.. i mean well.. ill just shut up," he said putting his head down emberrested. "haha its ok im just waiting for the perfect guy to come along. oh um cna i see your phone for a second? ill give you all my number so you can contact me anytime." i said holding out my hand after reading my messages. it was the person who was sending me the emails. but the number was blocked. i put my number in his phone not willing to see if he had my number. next thing i lknow i get a text. i look down worried if it was that person agian. if it was niall, i saw him textign someone. *hey, just wanted to see if it was like a prank or something, yay i am the first to have your number ;)* i look up and smile trying not to blush. "hey um wanna do something tonight with me and the lads? we are going out for dinner, wanna join?" "yeah sure id love to! also we can go to the beach after." "its a date." he smiled and opened the door for us to go inside. i went upstairs and reread the messages i had got.

2 hours passed by and it was  now 4pm. i got a text from niall saying that we are leaving in 1 hour. i sent him a text back to come in my room i had to talk to him. i was gonna find outif it really was him or not. i need to know this perosn is knowing more and more about me, and its really scaring me.

not that long after niall came in "hello?" he said opening the door slowly looking in. i peep my head out of my mini bathrom. "hey im here doing my hair sit down." he sat on my bed. i turned off the straightner and put on some chapstick and sat beside him. "i need to ask you something and i need proof." "yeah sure anything you need hun." he said with a small smile." can i see your phone?" "um yeah sure." he handed it to me, "so wats going on?" i cut him off. "omg...its not you!" i stood up almost in tears. i walk around in my room talking out loud just starting to cry. ''omg, whats wrong??'' he asked walking over to me and gave me like a hug. "someone is stalking me and is saying it is you here look." i showed him my phone.


"hey there sexii, finally got your number, you didnt answer your email. this is the only way i could get to you."

"hey why are you not answering me?? in niall horan."

"hey your mom told me your number, meet me at the part beside your house. ill be lad to finally meet you alone beautiful."

"hey beautiful, wanna play the hard to get game hey?? im up for it."

"ill meet you there alone at 4:30pm. its a date;)"

"ohmy!this is not me! i never would talk like that to a girl!" i walked over to my window and look at the park. "someone is at the park.. he is in a black hoodie! niall i am really scared!" he came to me and gave me another hug, "everything is gonn be fine im here for you i will help you with all this. il lnever leave your side.go meet him, ill hide there, ill keep you safe"



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