my little big secret

a girl named adriana is trying to get a part in a musical play, on the night of the play thousands of people come to see her, she has been emailing a sectect edmirer. she starts seeing signs of this one person almost every where she goes, she ends up meeting them and not even knowing its him, they become more and more friends then suddenly find out that her secret edmirer is one of the lads from one direction.


1. new year new me

adriana's POV;

my alram clock started going off at 8.00am this morning play what maked you beautiful by one direction. i rolled over half asleep and pressed snooze. my mom came in my room not that long after. she turned on my radio and little things was playing. i jumped up outta my bed and we both started dancing. i loved that fact that i had made my mom a directioner. the song ended and we both flopped down on my bed. we started laughting at each other for being outta breath. "ok Ad you gotta get ready for school you dont want to miss the first day now do you?come on school starts at 8:30." she said helping me to sit up. " please can i?" i bagged. " no i am having producers coming over for a meeting you got to go to school, also you have that audition." she said tossing me my hair brush. " oh yeah!!" i got up and kicked her outta my room. i jumped into a shower and got changed. i walked over to my little hide out droor my mom never knew about and pulled out pills. "new year new me, good by drugs.." i took the pills and tossed them out the window. "ow!" i looked out the window and saw a guy there, i ran down stairs got my bag and headed out the front door. "oh my god im so sorry. i didnt mean to hit you.." i said nerves if he would judge me on doing drugs. " its ok i was at that stage too last year, but new year new me, eh?" he said with a cute smile. " haha, yeah, im adriana but you can call me ad." i said holding out my hand. he took my hand and shook it. "hi ad im alex, you can call me alex". we both giggled. we walked to school together, finding out he went to my school. the bell went. " i gotta go mr.smith will get mad at me, from last year skipping class and also late for first pierod". "haha its ok i understand." he gave me a quick hug and left.  i thought to my self and how much we had in common, i walk to the from office and asked for a day planner.they gave me one and first period was room 415 Mr.S. i had no clue who that was, i just went from room to room looking for room number 415. "415,415,415,415!" i walked in and took a seat at the back of the class. i had the worst stop ever. i was behind a really tall girl. and not to be mean but she must of wighed 200. i look around the class and  i see that alex is 4 seats up. he looked back and smiled. i looked at Mr.S. "hello you must be Adriana, come introduce your self and why you are here at St.Payne highschool, and what you where most good at in grade 10 and your talent." i stood up  and was so nevouse. what was i supposed to say i did drugs all year and alomost fail every class just lucky i passed? i pulled my self together and spoke. " Hi, i;m Adriana hunter. i am am here at St.Payne this year because my mom had just moved a few blocks down for her job. umm last year im grade 10 i was most good at really anything but was too shy to join anything, and my talentis acting, so i'd love it if i had join a play this year."i ended with a smile lookingat alex, he also had a smile on. "wow, thats awesome" Mr.S said. "so what doest your parents do for a living?" he asked being so nice to me. "well um my mom is a music producer and my dadhad died 2 years ago. in a car crash, i livedbut not him.." i whipped away the one tear that had poped up. "awe sounds lovely." he smiled and pointed tyo my seat, i think he wanted me to sit down. the bell rang again i looked at my phone, it was already 9:20am, " so who do you have next?" alex asked taking away my day planner. "gym, fun! well i have history oh and by the way the gym is right there. ill see you at your locker at lunch." he winked then left. i walked to the gym and thought to my self, did he like me? was he flurting  with me?! no boys this year at the beinging! i gotta tell him im not intressed in him. time passed and it was 12:00pm it was luch by now, i saw alex and quickly passed my locker. "hey! Ad!" alex yelled out running to me. "oh hey sorry i forgot." :its okay i want you to meet someone." "wait alex.." "this is my girlfriend, alli" i was so happy he had a girlfriend and he didnt want to go out with me. "so what did you want to say?" he asked "oh um, that i uh.. i'm gonna go put my bag away." i ran away to my locker and got out my money and meet alex and alli at the cafe. we all  had lunch and went back to class, at 1:30 school ended. i ran to my locker and ran outta school. "HEY! ADRIANA WAIT UP!" alex yelled out. "hey whats up?" i asked "are you trying to run away from me??" "no! your a nice guy, i am just going to audition for a play." "well mind if you have company??". he asked we smiled and walked to the theater.

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