Fan crazed


4. You guys are dating!!

Ashley's POV
We went into the kitchen and decided to go out to eat. Since there wasn't enough room in Liam's car just him and I went. We decided to go to McDonalds.
"Hey, Ashley, I know we just met but I think I fancy you and I want you to uhh be my girlfriend, if you want," Liam said nonchalantly as we were waiting in the drive thru.
"Uhm Liam I would love to be your girlfriend, of course!" I can't believe it.
"Ok let's make it official,"he said pulling out his phone.
"What are you doing," I asked.
"We're going to tweet and instagram it, is that alright love," he asked.
"Sure thing jellybean," I say planting a kiss on his cheek. He took a picture of us and put it on twitter. Then, he sent me the picture and I put it on Instagram. OMG I'm dating Liam Payne!!!! No way!
"What do you want to eat babe,"
"Uhmm Ill eat a cheeseburger and some fries please," I didn't want to be picky.
"Sure thing jellybean," Liam says mimicking me from earlier. He's so cute. Then he leaned in and kissed me on my forehead. Adorable. Then we were on our way back to the flat. When we got there the boys were sitting on the couch watching SpongeBob.
"Yay food," Niall cheered. All the boys hopped off the couch and we entered the kitchen once again.
"What did you get me Liam," Niall asked looking very hungry.
"I got you and the boys two hamburgers each and a set of fries," Liam replied getting out our food," oh and me and Ashley are official!"
"Yay woohoo," everybody cheered and I felt myself blush.

Harry's POV
Liam's so rude! He knew I fancied her and then he starts dating her. RUDE! I have to get her. After we're
done eating we all decide to crash at Liam's place. Liam and Ashley slept on Liam's bed. Niall and Zayn slept on Niall's bed. And me and Lou slept on the couch.
I woke up to Ashley laughing. I loved her laugh. I turned around to see Liam tickling Ashley. I wish that was me tickling her. Man why do I want her so much?
"Good morning sleepyhead," Ashley said smiling and noticing I was awake.
"Good morning love," I replied smiling.
Liam smiled and got up. He walked into the kitchen and came back out in after a minute. He was carrying something it was a breakfast burrito.
"Here ya go mate," he said handing it to me. I ate it and it was wonderful. Then the boys aid something about going shopping for the day.
"Let's go," I shouted.
"Well first we have to get ready," Louis said.
"Can I take a shower," Ashley asked.
"Sure love," Liam replied kissing her on her nose. I hated it!!

Ashley's POV
I went in the bathroom and hopped in the shower. When I got out I looked through my bag and chose to wear an orange, striped, ruffled tank top and some faded skinny jeans. I decided to slip on my orange Toms and then I tossed my hair into a messy side bun and went into the living room. All the boys were ready so we left.
"Where should we go first," Harry asked.
"Uhmm let's just go to the mall and look around for awhile," Louis said buckling up.
"Sounds good," Zayn said laying his head on my shoulder," I hope you don't mind but I might fall asleep on your shoulder on the way there love."
"I don't mind," I replied and then Harry put his head on my other shoulder and said,
"So you don't mind if I do either," Harry stated more than questioned.
"I guess not," I said shrugging and then we were on our way.
When we got to the mall we decided to go our separate ways and meet up at a Nandos in an hour.
"Ooh Liam wanna go to Hollister with me," Niall asks Liam.
"Sure," Liam says. Then Louis and Zayn and decided to go to a shoe store somewhere. That left me and Harry.
"Well I'm going to go to Victoria Secret," I tell Harry shyly.
"Me too!" Harry says excitedly.
"What? No."
"Why not? I don't want to be a loner," Harry says with a sad face.
"But paparazzi might think we're together," I say.
"Well were not and we know it so screw the paps," he said taking my arm and walking towards Victoria Secret. When we got there it was kind of awkward.
"Liam likes green, you should get this one," Harry suggested handing me a green lacey bra.
"Sure then," I said awkwardly.

Harry's POV
I helped Ashley pick out one of her bras and it was way awkward for her. Why? Maybe she thinks it's awkward because she likes me! I have to ask her.
"So...."I said to Ashley as we were walking to the Nandos were we we're meeting the boys.
"So what?" Ashley asked.
" you fancy me?" I asked looking away.
"Uhmm.... I fancy Liam. Why?" She said. She never said she didn't she just said she fancied Liam. I think she does fancy, actually I just hope she does.
"Oh I uhhh..... I fancy you," I say looking into her eyes. We had stopped walking and were just standing there.
"Oh," she turned away from me and kept walking. We got to the Nandos and Niall and Liam were already there. We sat by them and Ashley was right next to me.
"So how was," Niall checked Ashley's bag and then continued,"Victorias Secret?"
"Awkward.... Good I guess," Ashley replied with her face turning the reddest ever.
"Did you get something special for Liam," Louis said winking at Ashley and sitting down.
"Actually she did I helped her pick it out," I said staring at Liam blushed. Ashley looked like she was going to explode.
"Well let's eat," Niall said. We got our food and started to eat. When we were done we headed back to Liam's and Niall's.

Liam's POV
Harry helped Ashley pick out stuff from Victoria secret! I hope it was perfume that really bugged me. I couldn't let Harry know I bugged me because he'd be happy. He really wants Ashley, but so do I! When we got to my flat Louis, Harry, and Zayn left so it was just Niall , Ashley, and me.
"I have to go home I don't have any clean clothes," Ashley stated.
"Ok ill drive you!" Niall nearly jumped up.
"Ok bye love text me," Ashley said kissing me softly. She brakes the kiss a few seconds afterward.
"Bye," I say kissing her again. Niall makes a gagging noise and grabs his keys. They leave and I get out my phone to text Harry.
Me: Harry what the he!
Harry: mate what did I do??
Me: u no damn well what u did
Harry: oh r u mad about Ashley?
Me: no dork u drooled on my new couch u owe me!

Ashley's POV
Niall started the car and I got in and buckled up.
"So what did Harry pick out for you at Victoria Secret," Niall asked buckling his seatbelt.
"Uhmm he just told me that Liam's favorite color is green and I should get a green bra, that's all," I said as he started to pull out of the driveway.
"Oh so that's all, Harry just fancies you so does Liam but, who can blame them I might also," Niall said looking at the road. So first I wanted to meet one direction and now 3/5 of them fancy me! So weird I think I'm horribly ugly yet the hottest guys in the world fancy me!
"Niall, you fancy me too," I asked unable to believe him.
"Well, ya how could anyone not," he said shyly. We pulled into my drive way and something unexpected happened. Niall kissed me! I wanted to pull away but I couldn't. What happened why am I not stopping this?!?! We separated and Niall said he was sorry actually he started crying.
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to please don't tell Liam," Niall begged.
"I won't if you won't just pretend it didn't happen," I said and quickly got out the car.
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