Fan crazed


6. The secrets we must keep:)

Ashley's POV
I turned around and saw Louis perfect face! How could he do this to me!
"Lou why did you kiss me?!?!" I whisper shouted.
"I'm sorry I had to," Louis said," don't tell Liam you can't tell Liam or Ill-"
"Ok I won't tell him but don't ever kiss me again!" I said and then I shot him and gained points. I turned and ran before he could get me. Wow! Why would louis kiss me! Ahh I love Liam a lot so I can't tell him Louis kissed me orbit would ruin there friendship. Poop! I'm in a sticky situation. I know I'll just get my friend Katie to meet Louis and then they'll hang and he won't like me. By what about Niall and Harry! AHHH! I was to into my thoughts and I got shot. I turned around to see by who and it was Louis.
"You thought you'd get away that easy," he whispered. His breath hit me and tickled my neck.
"I did indeed," I said running. I was definitely losing. When the game was finally over my team won. How? I don't know especially since I was a failure at it.
"That was fun love, but no offense you suck," Liam said chuckling. He slapped his arm playfully and he grabbed my waist pulling me close to him and then we kissed a long sweet kiss in front of everyone. I love it and I hoped Harry and Louis and Niall understand I love Liam.
"*cough* get a room," Harry said making Liam brake our kiss.
"Sorry guys," Liam said blushing. He was so cute.
"Let's go I'm hungry," Niall said. Liam put his hand on the small of my back and walked with me to the passenger door in his car then, he opened the door for me.
"What a gentleman," I say making him blush.
"It's just the right thing to do," he says buckling up. I buckle up and we start our journey.
"So do you want to spend the night with me tonight love," Liam asks.
"Sure but I don't have any night clothes," I say looking down at my dress.
"You can barrow some of mine,if you like."
"Of course thank you," I say giving him a peck on the cheek. When we get to Niall and Liam's flat everyone decides to stay there again. How FUN! Liam gave me some of his shorts and a big shirt.
"Can I just wear the big shirt it's like a nightie on me," I ask Liam.
"Of course love," he says kissing my forehead. I take off the shorts and give then back to Liam. He puts them in his drawer and we go to the living room.
"You guys want to watch a movie with us?" Harry asks.
"Sure what are we watching?" I ask.
"Toy story 2," Louis says.
"Awesomeness!" I say then I sit on the couch by Liam and he wraps his arms around me.
"Did you just say awesomeness?" Zayn asks.
"Yep," I say. I have my legs laying on the couch and I'm laying in Liam's arms. Then Harry lifts my legs up and sits down putting my legs back on him. I try to move them but his hands are 'resting' on them. Zayn puts in Toy Story and turns the light off then he then the movie started. Half way into the movie Harry started to rub my legs. It was annoying me that he kept rubbing me on my legs. I tried to move them but he made it impossible. He kept rubbing my leg getting higher and higher every time. I was panicking so I asked Liam if we could go to bed.
"Sure love lets go," Liam says getting up grabbing my hand. We walked back to the room and I went into the bathroom I brushed my teeth and went back into the room. Liam and me laid down in the dark. He was cuddling me and I loved it. I loved...him.
"I love you Liam," I whispered.
"I love you too," he said. I turned around and he kissed me. We kissed each other and it got intense. Then I broke it an we were both out of breath. We cuddled again and I fell asleep.

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