Fan crazed


1. The meet

Harry's POV
We were running for what seemed like ever when a nice looking woman, who looked in her late thirties, got us in her house so the fans can't get to us.
"Hello boys I'm Karen," the woman said.
"Hello Karen, I'm Liam this is Harry-" Liam started saying but then Karen said,
"Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall , my daughter listens to you guys but she's not a crazy fan so it's fine. Oh and how long do you think you'll be here because my daughter would love to meet you guys but she's in the shower at the moment."
"Oh well we probably won't be able to leave for a while and it's already 8:39 pm so do you mind if we stay the night?" Liam asked very politely. "Sure you can I'll go get a room set up for you guys. The loo is down the last door down the hallway, but be sure to knock," Karen said and with that she walked upstairs.
" I have to go use the loo," I told the boys. I started walking and got to the hallway. There were two ways to go. Left or right. I decided to go left and found the last door. I heard music coming from one of the rooms but I decided it was probably Karen's daughter. So I knocked on the door. No one answered so I opened it and inside I found a very pretty girl standing there in a towel. She was facing away so she couldn't see me. She had long blonde hair down to the top of her bum and she looked amazing with the bluest of eyes. I was to busy admiring her that i didn't notice she turned around.
" AHHH" she screamed.
"Omg. I'm so sorry love, I... I," I turned and left the room and could feel my cheeks turning bright red. I walked into the living room and saw the boys they saw my face and asked what happened.
" uhmm nothing I... I something-" I stopped in mid-sentence and stared at the girl that I just accidentally walked in on. She was brushing her hair and was wearing short pajama shorts( and I mean SHORT!) with leopard print on them and a matching tank top.
"Hey you guys are One Direction," she said smiling widely.
"Yes we are love, and I'm really sorry..," I trailed off.
"It's fine," she said," but why are you here?"
"We'll we were getting chased by fans and your mum let us in and we have to stay the night here," Niall explained. She said oh and sat down starting to play with her phone.
"Oh I'm Ashley by the way," the beautiful girl said.
" I'm-" I started but she stopped me.
" I know Harry styles he's in the hottest boy band in the world literally! My friends obsessed with you guys," Ashley said.
"Do you like us?" I wondered out loud!
"We'll your all pretty hot and you sing amaZAYNly haha I had too," she giggled. How cute she was dorky and didn't care. It was awesome! I couldn't stop looking at her.

Ashley's POV
Harry wouldn't stop looking at me. It was kind of cute how he was looking at me and everyone notices because Liam said Harry about four times and he didn't notice. The Louis yelled,
"HARRY!!" And he nearly fell off the couch. It was hilarious. He was very embarrassed and I couldn't stop laughing. Then my mum walked in. "Hello Ash the boys are gonna-" she started.
"I know they told me," I interrupted her, "where will they be sleeping?" I asked my mum.
"I was thinking maybe they could sleep on your floor," she said
"Mum, there's five of them," I informed her.
"Well you can sleep on your bed, three can sleep on the floor and the other two can sleep on your futon, if you don't mind," she said. That's amazing first One Direction shows up at my house then they get to sleep in MY room! No way!
"Sure thats fine, but do you guys have pajamas?" I turned to them and asked.
"Well no, " they all said in unison.
"You can use some of Jeremy's, Ashley's brother, he should be home around 10:00 but he's gonna have his girlfriend Maci with him that's why you are sleeping in Ashley's room," my mum explained.
"OMG! Maci is coming over she's so rude ugh I hate Maci," I shouted a little to loud and all the boys looked at me like I was crazy.
"She used to be my best friend then she started hating me because I was dating Justin and she wasn't so then she started dating my brother and she is so fake to me it's annoying and she's so annoying and shes definitely jelly of me," I vented to everyone in the house," wow I sound really conceded saying she's jelly of me!" Everyone was silent and shocked I got up and went to my room!

Harry's POV
Ashley sat there and flipped out about some girl. But she was so cute when she was mad. She's so adorable. It was around 9:30 and
Karen was making dinner, Liam was on the phone with Paul and management, Niall was helping Karen in the kitchen, Zayn and Louis were watching telly, then Ashley was still in her room. I was bored so I went to Ashley's room and knocked on the door.
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