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5. Niall!

Niall's POV
I don't know why I kissed Ashley in the car. She was just so beautiful and I..... My thoughts got interrupted by my phone ringing. I put it on speaker and watched the road.
"Hello?" I answered it.
"Hey, Niall, this is Ashley about that thing that happened in the car I think we should tell Liam. You don't have to but I'm going to so Liam knows he can trust me to be truthful and-"I cut her off.
" Ya well I think you should tell him before I get home so he can yell at me then, but I'm really sorry I don't know what came over me.." I didn't know what else to say.
"It's fine, I've got to go I'm going to call Liam bye," Ashley's sweet voice spoke into the phone clearly and beautifully and then she hung up and I was left driving in silence thinking about what Liam was going to do. How he was going to react. I don't want to go home. But I have to��.

Liam's POV
*BZZ* My phone went off. Someone was calling me. I hopped up an got it.
"Hello?" I said into the phone.
"Hey Liam,"it was Ashley," I..uh... Niall kissed me when he dropped me off. I'm so sorry! I didn't mean for it to happen and... I know excuses, anyways I'm really sorry and if you hate me-"
"It's fine love, Ill have to talk to Niall about it don't worry."
"I really am sorry and Liam?" She said after I cut her off.
"Ya love," I hope she's not going to say they had a make out session.
"I...I...I love you,"Ashley saying that made me speechless I snapped back and told her I loved her too and then we hung up. I really do love her����
But stupid Niall had to ruin that. It's fine it's not his or her fault he just has feelings for her. I have to get over it and so does he.

Niall's POV
I pull into the driveway and turn off the engine. I sit in the car for awhile thinking. About everything....Ashley and Liam,life, my mum. WOW! I get out of the car and walk to the door. I almost knocked but it's my house so I just walked in. I shut the door and turned to face Liam.
"Why did you-never mind I know because you fancy her,and who blames you, I'm just-please don't do anything like that again ever," Liam didn't actually flip he was so responsible and mature. Lucky me!( it's because I'm Irish)
"I'm really sorry Liam it won't ever happen again I just...ya I'm sorry," I struggled with the words.
"It's fine," Liam said. Man I fell horrible.
"No it's-"
"Just stop Niall ,"Liam said and then he walked away and left me standing there. I have disappointed him a lot. Now I must do something awesome to apologize. Ill call the boys and ask them. I pull out my phone an dial Harry's number.
"Hey Nialller, sup?" Harry says.
"Uhmm hey I kind of..."I told him the whole story and asked him what I should do.
"Throw him a party at hi favorite place. Actually just invite me and the boys and Ashley and have a fun time maybe dinner and then laser tag hell love it!" Harry was so right I got off the phone with him and made reservations.

Harry's POV
I told Niall to bring everyone to laser tag because its dark and I can Ashley to kiss me thinking I'm Liam. Man poor Liam everyone wants his girl..maybe I shouldn't.... No I have to. Ashley has to kiss me. HAS to. I can't believe Niall got to kiss her before me. It's ok though ill get her tonight. We're all supposed to meet at Nandos at 6:30 it's already 5:37 ill hop in the shower ad then get dressed.
I get out of the shower around 6. Now I must get dressed. I decide to wear a white blouse with a black over coat type thing and some tan skinny jeans. I do my hair and I'm out the door by 6:25. Ill be there soon. I pull up and everyone's already there. Good I'm fashionably late.
"Hey guys sorry I'm late, nice dress," I tell Ashley nice dress and it is. It's orange with black polka dots. It's tight and shows all of her lovely curves, it has no straps and it goes down to mid-thigh. I love it!
"Yes your here now can we go eat," Niall says pulling Liam through the door. Everyone started to go inside me and Ashley were last. I put my hand on the small of her back and escorted her to the table. When we got to the table I sat in the booth first then Ashley and Niall. On the other side Louis sat across from me Liam across from Ashley and Zayn across from Niall. We ordered and decided to chit chat.

Ashley's POV
I say by Harry across from Liam.
"So what about the tour it's starts in February and its January whats going to happen with Ashley? Like is she gonna go on tour with us or what?" Louis asked Liam.
"Uhm Im not sure yet. It depends if she wants to go and if she can," Liam replied nervously looking at me.
"Are you kidding if love to go! If that's alright and stuff. Wow I'm lame," i said the lat part as a whisper so no one heard me.
"No your not love," Harry whispered back. He heard me! Ahh. We started talking about something else and then something touched my leg. I didn't know it was Harry's hand until I put my hand on his. I looked up at him and he was just talking with Louis like nothing was happening. I tried to move his hand but it wouldn't budge so I just took my hand off his and continued to talk with Niall and Zayn about 'the good old days'. I was to into the conversation and I forgot about Harry's hand until he started moving it up and down my thigh. I grabbed his hand and failed to hold it still. I looked at him and he looked back.
"Please stop moving your hand it's bugging me," I said quietly so no one really noticed.
"I'm sorry love," he said with a smirk. Great! He kept moving his hand. I grabbed it and succeeded to getting him to stop moving his hand but he was holding mine. His grip was so tight I couldn't get out of his grasp so I just sat there and tried to be in the conversation but they were talking about meetings and stuff I didn't no anything about. I just sat there letting Harry hold my hand. He was really cute and his eyes were amazing. I love his cheeky crooked smile and... Stop Ashley your dating Liam you love Liam.
"So Ashley are you excited to for laser tag," Zayn asks.
"Ya I can't wait," I say smiling. The food arrived and Harry finally let go of my hand. We finally ate and hmthen headed to laser tag. I dove with Liam and Niall. The other boys all drove together in Harry's car. We got to the laser tag place and we had to pick teams. Me, Harry, and Liam were on a time the blue team. Zayn,Niall , and Louis were on the red team.
"I'm definitely betting the red team," the laser girl who was getting used geared said.
"And why is that?" Harry asked being him flirty self.
"Well, because, no offense, but you have a girl on your team," she said glaring at me.
"She's good enough though ," Harry said smirking my way. AHHH! He's so damn cute, but I love Liam I can't forget that Liam's so cute and he loves me because I love him. I had to repeat this to myself numerous times before my thoughts were interrupted by Liam.
"Ready to go in babe," he asked.
"Yep," I say giving him a good luck kiss on his soft lips. I really do love him. We went into the arena and had 30 seconds to find a place. It was dark and smokey but you could see a little bit of stuff. I found a place and the bell went off the game has begun. No one was coming my way so I decided to walk around and find someone to shoot. I looked around for a while and didn't find anyone. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around and felt someone's lips press against mine. It wasn't Niall and I'm not sure of its Liam so I broke the kiss and saw....
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