Fan crazed


7. Mmm Gurll

Niall's POV
I was on twitter and saw something awesomely funny. I read it and busted up laughing.
"What are you laughing about?" Zayn said as we were all watching oT.V.
"The fans made a new thing! Instead of lol it's LLN as in laughing like Niall!" I was crying of laughter.
"That's cool but not that funny," Louis said. He was eating baby carrots,typical lou.
"Whatever,"I said poopily. I got up and went into the kitchen. Ashley was still putting groceries away.
"Do you need help," I asked with a little giggle.
"I would love your help Nialller,"she said handing me something to put in the pantry. We put stuff away for awhile and then I decided to break the silence.
"How was shopping with Harry," I asked.
"Good I guess...uhmm I yelled at him," she said sheepishly.
"Haha why? I mean what did he do love," I asked jokingly.
"Not funny and he was just-nothing" she tried to cover herself up. I wasn't going for it.
"What happened, love" I really wanted to know.
"I'll tell you but not here not now," she said.
"When? Oh I know tonight come with me to Joshes he wants me to go water his plants, how gay," I say. She thinks it over and decides to come.
"Great well leave in an hour. You should tell Liam," I say. Then I walk out to my room and hop in the shower.
An hour passed and it was time for me and Ashley to go water the plants.
"Ashley lets go," I yelled slipping on my jacket.
"One minute," Ashley said. She slipped on he toms and we left. Once we got into the car she turned in the radio. Macklemore came on and she started singing.
"So what happened today, love"I asked.
"Well Harry always rubs my legs and he always wants to flirt with me and he was about to kiss me in the car but I couldn't let him because you and Louis already-"she gasped covering her mouth with both hands.
"Louis kissed you?!?!" I asked I was so confused and mad. I think I was actually really jelly!!
"You can't tell anyone Niall I swear I will beat your-"I cut her off.
"I won't! Anyways what else happened with Harry," I said still amazed Louis kissed her.
"We'll we had a talk and we both decided to just be friends but he's just so sad and I feel bad. I mean I love Harry but I'm not in love with him," she says and you can tell she's stressed out and confused. She's so cute when she's confused. The way her forehead creases and her bottom lip kind of pouts out oh how I wish I could just lean in and Niall no!!
"Looks like your in a pickle. You should just tell Harry your not in live with him," I say still thinking about her lips.
"I did and I would again but..." She looks at me guiltily.
"No!! Your in love with Harry?!?!" I shout. She shrugs a little and looks out the window. We get to Joshes and I water his plants while Ashley uses the bathroom. When we start out journey home she asks me something.
"Niall can you drop me off somewhere?"
"Sure where?" I say stopping at a red light.
"To the pub," she says. I want to say no but then realize she can do whatever she wants.

Liam's POV
Ashley and Liam left three hours ago.
I call Niall.
"Hey Niall where's Ashley?" I ask into the phone.
"I dropped her off at the pub...I think," he said. Oh great he's drunk. I hang up and call Ashley. It rings a few times and then I hear;Hi this is Ashley leave a message!! *BEEP*
It's been a half an hour since I tried to call Ashley last. I lay on the couch in the living room. My phone starts vibrating. I jump thinking its Ashley. I got very disappointed to see a random number. Maybe it's Ashley on her friends phone.
"Hello?" I say.
"This is Dr.Chance, I have Ashley at the hospital and you were her first speed dial. Can you come down here?"
"I'll be there in 5 minutes," I say hanging up my phone and running out the door.
When I got to the hospital the doctor was waiting for me. A nurse brought me to Ashley's room and she was sleeping. The doctor then walked in and introduced himself.
"I'm Dr.Chance. Ashley was at the pub and got into a wee little brawl and well she got knocked out. She has a black eye and two of her ribs are cracked. She can leave the hospital tomorrow," he said then he got paged out of the room and left me and Ashley there alone. I texted all the boys and Harry was the first to show up. Then, Zayn and Louis. Niall wasn't there so I called him.
"Hello," Niall said into the phone.
"Hey Ashley's in the hospital. Room 253," I said and he told me he was on his way. When he showed up we all sat there waiting for Ashley to wake up. *BZZ* I got a text.
From Danielle: hey Liam can we talk. I know u have a gf but it's important and I need to talk to u in person ASAP
To Danielle: I'm busy right now
From Danielle: tomorrow 2:30pm Starbucks
To Danielle: ill be there
I told the boys and asked them if I should tell Ashley.
"No! She might get stressed and since she's hurt she shouldn't be under stress. Just don't tell her you're going to meet Danielle," Harry said.
"But what if she finds out and what if she's mad about it," I ask not sure what to do.
"Well, if she finds out then just tell her you wanted to save her feelings and that you didn't want her to be stressed when she was hurt," Harry answered. I decided that's what I'll do.
It was 2:34 and Danielle finally walked in. I was at Starbucks waiting for her.
"Hey," Danielle said as she sat down. I already got her a caramel frap, her favorite. She was wearing skinny jeans and an aroepostal sweatshirt.
"Hey, what did you need," I asked.
"We'll I have to tell you something," she said slowly. I waited for her to continue.
"Well,'re going to be a father."
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