Fan crazed


2. Maci

Ashley's POV
Someone knocked on my door. I thought it would be my mum but it wasn't. It was Harry. What did he want?
"May I come in love," Harry asked.
"Sure," I answered and let him in. I sat on my futon, where two of the boys will sleep, and he sat by me.
"I like your posters, " he said to me looking at my three 1D posters I had hanging on my wall. My face went red!
"Oh...uh...I well , I like you guys a lot I'm not obsessed but you just you saved me," I admitted looking at my feet.
"How did we save you? If you don't mind me asking," I don't know if I want to tell him or not but then I decided to.
"After my dad died I got really sad and Justin broke up with me because I was so lame. Then I started cutting myself and my friends got concerned and even my mother knew but she didn't want us to be apart from each other so she's my best friend and my other friend Tony she showed me you guys and I instantly fell in love. Then, I got happier and happier and stopped cutting myself. I became a cheerleader and Justin asked me to go out with him again but I said no. Not to sound conceded, but I can get any boy I want, well at school anyways," I say smiling. I looked up at Harry who was crying then he smiled and hugged me. It was really awkward like, talk about awko taco.
"Well you can have any guy you want not just at school because your really beautiful and awesome so far," he said with two thumbs up. I laughed and then Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall walked in.
"Why are you crying mate," Zayn asked concerned.
"Haha, he was telling me how much he loves Louis and I replied 'but I love Louis' and then he got mad and I said something rude! Hahaha just kidding he's just a big baby," I said and with that I walked out of the room and into the loo. When I came out I saw in the living room Maci! Oh how I hated her!

Harry's POV
We walked out into the living room and saw what I assumed was Maci and Jeremy.
"Hello mum," Jeremy said.
"Hello baby!hello Maci,how was your flight," Karen asked hugging each of them. They had there hands locked. And luggage in there other hands. Then Maci noticed.
"Omg Karen! Why I One Direction in your living room!?"Maci squealed.
"We're here visiting Ashley," Niall said and then she walked out hugged Jeremy and gave Maci a dirty look.
"Hey lil sis," Jeremy said squeezing her tight.
"Hey big bro," she said getting out of his death grip. Then Maci leaned in and hugged Ashley and whispered something in her ear it sounded like 'you look skankier than ever' how rude! Well then we all ate dinner and Ashley went up to her room and we got pajamas from Jeremy and went to Ashley's room also.
"Hey! Where's Ashley?"Louis asked looking around her room. We all just got changed and Liam went to the loo.

Liam's POV
I walked into the loo and there she was.Ashley was standing in front of the sink brushing her teeth. When she heard the door she looked up at me and smiled with a whole bunch of toothpaste came out of her mouth. She spit it into the sink.
"Are you going to watch me brush my teeth," she said. I blushed.
"Actually I need to change my pants,". I replied.

Ashley's POV
Liam had to change his pants and I had to finish brushing my teeth. I didn't know what to do.
"Uhm you can change your pants in here I don't mind," I said and he looked really nervous and started to unbutton his belt he looked up into the mirror.
"I won't peek," I said to Liam winking. He was so cute. So was Harry and Niall and Zayn and Louis. They were all cute! After I said that he took off his pants and started to put his shorts on. I was watching him through the mirror and I saw he was confused. I would've asked him whats wrong but that would be awkward, in a way. So I just let it slide. When he had his shorts on I was rinsing out my mouth I thought he would leave but instead he took his shirt off and opened the door for me,
"M'lady," he said. What a dork. We walked back to my room and I noticed his abs. They were damn sexy like unbelievingly sexy. I realized I was staring and looked away. I got into my room all the boys were wrestling and then stopped when they saw me. I laughed and went to my bed. The boys argued over what we watched. They argued for like ten minutes so I turned the T.V. off and laid down. I heard everyone say their good nights and I yawned mine. I fell asleep listening to Niall and Liam bicker over the best fruit.

Harry's POV
I woke up in the middle of the night and had to use the loo. I tried not to wake anyone up. Especially Ashley. She looked so beautiful when she was asleep and when she was awake. I walked out of the room and went to the loo. When I was done I went into the kitchen for a glass of water and the light was already on. So I walked in.
"Oh hi Harry," it was Maci.
"Hi, what are you doing up so late," I asked her.
"I could ask you the same thing," she replied smirking. I turned to the sink and got some water. I took a drink and turned back around and Maci was kissing me!

Maci's POV
It was perfect. I loved Harry! And he loves me(or at least he will as soon as I take him to bed). I was still kissing him when he pulled away.
"What was that for," he whisper shouted.
"You know you've been wanting to kiss me ever since I showed up. But it's ok you can kiss me know no ones awake," I said leaning in for another kiss but he dodged me.
"What about Jeremy? You love Jeremy and Jeremy loves you," Harry went on and on.
"I don't care about Jeremy babe I care about you," this time I was determined to get another kiss. Then someone cleared their throat I turned around to see...

Ashley's POV
I cannot believe Harry and Maci were kissing in my kitchen right by my brothers room. I mean seriously.
"Ashley Maci came onto me-" Harry tries to explain.
"Harry don't explain yourself to me but you both will tell my brother about it before you leave or I find you and I will kill you. And as for you Maci I knew you were a slut I just didn't think you be this bad," I told them. Then I shook my head disappointedly and walked back to my bedroom. I don't why but I wanted someone to sleep with. I tossed and turned and couldn't fall asleep Harry hadn't come back. Good!
"You need some company,"Liam's voice whispered chuckling a tid bit.
"Actually that would be great," I said. He came up onto my bed and whispered in my ear,
"I'm sort of a cuddler," that sent chills down my spine and I said,
"So am I."

Liam's POV
I know what happened with Harry and Maci I heard it all. When Ashley came back she was upset and kept moving I asked her if she needs company and she said yes. She fell asleep before I did and her head was resting on my chest while my arms were wrapped around her. I loved it!

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