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Harry's POV
Last night was horrible. After Ashley saw what happened between Maci and I I didn't want to go back into the room so I slept on the couch. I couldn't fall asleep because I was thinking about having to tell Jeremy. Jeremy was intimidating and big. He probably works out if he beats me up it might ruin my career. I have to tell him though because Ashley wants me to and he'll find out. I'm so scared. It's 6:30 in the morning and I'm the only one awake. I hear someone's door open and there walking out here. So I sit up and see Jeremy. He sits by me and rubs his eyes.
"Hey good morning, why are you up, " he said to me still rubbing his eyes. I was scared so I just blurted.
"Last night Maci kissed me and I didn't like I'm so sorry it wasn't my fault!" I said that really fast and waited for his expression.
"What a whore, ya I was gonna break up with her anyways she's so clingy, it's alright bro," he said this, stood up, and went back to bed. I was so confused. I decided to see if one of the boys were awake so I walked to Ashley's room and right there cuddling her in her bed was LIAM! I'm so mad!

Ashley's POV
I woke up facing Liam's chest. He was pretty amazing in all sorts of ways. Then someone opened my door I turned around slowly to see Harry's face looking at us in disgust, he looked hurt why?
"Good morning Harry," I whisper trying not to wake anybody.
"Morning love, why is Liam- wait never mind I'm so sorry about last night I did tell your brother and he said its fine and he's probably gonna break up with Maci anyways! I really didn't mean to its's just she kissed me I swear-" Harry went on but I had to shut him up.
"It's fine Harry really," I started to get up and Liam pulled me back. He had a tight grip. I sat there thinking what I do and then I slid his hands off of my waist and quietly got up.
"What time is it," I asked Harry yawning.
"It's 6:03 did I wake you?"
"No I was awake before I'm just going to get dressed and ill go start breakfast," I said going into my walk-in closet. I heard him mumble something and then go back into the living room.
It took forever for me to find clothes and then I decided to take a shower. I got out and got dressed. I picked a black skirt that went down to the top of my knees and a white hollister shirt. I slipped on some sandals and did my make up and curled my blonde luscious locks. I went into living room and saw everyone was there except Maci. Good!
"Good morning sleeping beauty," Jeremy said. I ignored that remark and said good morning. Everybody except Zayn who was half awake half asleep said good morning. I decided to sit on the couch by Liam. I think I fancy him.

Laim's POV
I woke up and Ashley wasn't there. I decided to go to the living room to look for her she wasn't there either. I went to the loo and heard the shower so I went back to the living room all the boys were there and Jeremy. We all talked and then Ashley came out she was wearing a black skirt with a white short tucked in and some silver sandals with her toes painted pink. She looked lovely. Then she sat by me on the couch and we watched T.V. Then Ashley took my phone and started playing with then gave it back and I noticed she put her in my contacts.
"Oh we have to go boys it's already 9:45 Paul wants us to meet him at Harry's at 10:30 we must go. Thank you Karen and thank you Ashley and Jeremy," I said. Then we all got up and said our goodbyes and all the boys kissed Ashley on the cheek including me.

Ashley's POV
The boys had to leave and I had nothing to do so I decided to txt Liam.
Me:hey Liam
Liam:hello love
Me: whats up
Liam: going to Harry's
Me: sounds cool I wish u didn't have to leave
Liam: me neither maybe tonight after we talk with Paul you can come hang out at me and Niall's flat
Me:ok what time?
Liam: well pick u up at 6:30
Me: ok but who's all going to be there
Liam:me and the boys probably
Me: ok ill see u then
Liam:ok love
And after that I went and took a nap.

Harry's POV
I found out Ashley was going to Liam and Niall's tonight so I had to be there.
"Are you guys dating mate?" I asked Liam.
"No, well not yet, I want to be but it's to soon," he said being so responsible.
"Mate, don't get stuck in the friend zone," Zayn said with his eyes closed. He's definitely not a morning person. I wanted Ashley to be MY girlfriend. I wanted her. BADLY. I needed someone to tell but who. Definitely not Liam and Zayn wouldn't care. Niall fancies her too, so I can't ask him. The only one left was Louis he would understand, wouldn't he?
"Hello earth to Harry,"Niall said waving his hands in front of my face.
"Oh ya what were you saying?" I asked.
"I said Ashley his pretty hot. And then you said yes and I said it looks like Liam's got competition then you said something about Louis understanding," Niall explains. Great now they all know what am I going to do. Ugh.

Liam's POV
Harry fancies Ashley and so does Niall but I hope she fancies me. I mean I guess we will have to find out tonight. When she comes over. It's already 6:15 and were at her house so I get out. I walk up to the door and ring the bell. I hear footsteps then Ashley opens the door.
"Hello Liam lets go," she say. Then she yells her goodbyes and we start to walk to the van.
"What will we be doing," she says as I open the van door for her.
"We will probably do-" I was gonna nothing fun when Harry interrupted and said,
"Anything you want love," then he winked at her. Yes it will be a definite competition.

Ashley's POV
Harry winked at me and it was awesome. But I still fancied Liam. When we got to the flat Niall opened the door for us. We want in and the boys all say down so I did the same. I sat by Harry and Liam was glaring at him.
"It's watch a movie," Louis broke the silence.
"Ok with one?" I asked. We ended up watching TED. It was hilarious. Harry tried to put his arm around me and I didn't stop him but Liam went up to use the loo and when he came back he sat on the other side of me and Harry moved his arm. Awko Taco! After the movie we all went to the kitchen
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