All Is Fair In Love And War (Sequel to A Kiss Under Mistletoe)

*Please Read 1st Story To Understand! Thx*
What happens when you come back to the person you love the most, but something happens?
What happens if you can't remember and start a new life with someone else?~Eira
What will you do to fix what's happened?
When the world comes to war......
Would you die for them?
~Zayn, Eira, Niall
When Eira gets her tumor out she can't remember who she was. She tries but, she thinks Zayn, the so thought love of her life, abandons her. But in reality, management head, Jackson, makes Zayn believe she has died. Niall thinks this isn't true, but doesn't know how to prove it. Then a new boy comes along into Eira's life. What will Zayn and Niall do? And when World War III erupts, what will they do? Will she remember? Will it be to late? Find out in All Is Fair in Love and War.


4. Chapter 3

I felt awful! I just can't believe myself.... ugh I'm totally not getting Emma as my client. By the way our awkward meeting went after that, I don't think so. I guess I wish Zac made me more late. Then she might have left and this would have never happened. Suddenly my phone rang,

"Hello?" I ask.

"Hi, Miss C. Umm... there's someone here who wants to see you."

"There is? I don't have any other appointments."

"Guy, claims to know you."

"Oh? Um.... send him up then Claire."

Zayn's POV:

It was her, I knew it was her. That girl in the car was Eira. It has to be. 

"Zayn! There you are- Hey? You alright?" Liam ran up to me.

"I- I just saw....." I gulped, "I just saw, Eira."

"What? Mate.... Eira's dead. We even buried her."

"But, it was. I-"

"Zayn, I know you're just grieving. It's only been two months. I am too, but you gotta move on. It wasn't your fault this happened. Just let her go-"

"I CAN'T LET HER GO! I RUINED MY CHANCES WITH HER BEFORE! I WAS STUPID AND WHEN I WENT TO CONFRONT HER, WE FOUGHT! We fought Liam, and that was the last thing we did............ the last thing. I know that that girl was her. I can-"

"Zayn, sto-"

I then ran. Liam called for me but I ignored him. I followed the car to a building. It was a wedding planners company. I waited casually behind the wall until she walked in. I then followed behind and walked through the doors. I was surprised no one noticed me by now. Suddenly I saw Emma and Kyffin waiting by an office. Crap! They're going to see me. I walked into the washrooms and waited.


Sometime passed and I heard Emma and Kyff leave. Now is your chance Zayn. Go get her. That was one part of my body...... the other was saying, "What are you doing? She's dead. Leave this girl be." But love blinds you.... I just had to see her. I was about to walk in when the receptionist stopped me.

"Excuse me? Mr. Malik?"

Huh..... formal much, "Uh... hi."

"You're not permitted there unless your a client."

"Please... could I just see um...." I looked at the door she walked into to read 'Loraine-' but I glanced back, "Loraine. Please she's a close friend and I haven't seen her in months."

The receptionist looked at me suspiciously, "Alright.... but if she has any other clients you can't"

"Thank you so much. Um, here. Take this card and call our manager, Paul. Tell him I talked to you and said you could get some tickets to go to our concert."

"OMG! Really? Thanks, but what if he thinks I'm lying?"

"Tell him the code is: Eira Brace."

"Oh.... Okay. Thanks. Let me just ring her up."

I stood at the desk as she talked to "Loraine." I over heard one part, " to know you." then, "Alright send him up."

I smirked as the girl nodded for me to go. I opened the door to reveal some steps. I walked up and knocked on the glass door. There she was, sitting at her desk texting on her phone. Her brunette-blonde hair. Her smile..... those glistening blue-ish green eyes.... I walked in and she looked up. But her reaction was like none before. Back then she would run up and hug me to say Hi...... now she looked up and smiled like she had to and urged me forward. I was still in disbelief. I then finally had the urge to speak.

"Eira. It's you," I run behind her desk and hug her. Feeling her warmth.... but she didn't hug back. She pushed me away,

"Who the hell are you? Let.Me.Go."


"My God, enough with this. I already told the couple who came in, I am not Eira. My name is Loraine. I understand she died a few months ago but please. Leave me alone. I'm sorry for your loss, but I'm not her."

I retreated back. No.... it has to be-


The building shook. When we recovered I stood up. We looked out the window..... The other building was on fire.

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