All Is Fair In Love And War (Sequel to A Kiss Under Mistletoe)

*Please Read 1st Story To Understand! Thx*
What happens when you come back to the person you love the most, but something happens?
What happens if you can't remember and start a new life with someone else?~Eira
What will you do to fix what's happened?
When the world comes to war......
Would you die for them?
~Zayn, Eira, Niall
When Eira gets her tumor out she can't remember who she was. She tries but, she thinks Zayn, the so thought love of her life, abandons her. But in reality, management head, Jackson, makes Zayn believe she has died. Niall thinks this isn't true, but doesn't know how to prove it. Then a new boy comes along into Eira's life. What will Zayn and Niall do? And when World War III erupts, what will they do? Will she remember? Will it be to late? Find out in All Is Fair in Love and War.


26. Chapter 20/ AN - Loraine & Zayn

A/N: To all my fans! especially Love Niall I am so sorry for not updating! I've been so frustrated with this and Ugh! I couldn't think of anything! But here it is.

Zayn's POV:

I have so many mixed feelings right now. It's as if I still kind of love Eir- um... or Loraine, but I also have feelings for Janice too. I don't know what to do. I decided to right a letter to Niall and Janice to see how they were.

Dear Niall and Janice,

How are you guys? Bit bored over here, but you know, put here in the first place. Loraine is doing fine by the way, Niall. Look, I'm not mad at you, I was just upset a bit...... That you never told me or that you even knew where she went. Ya, I understand I'm the one that left but-

Suddenly gun shots were fired.

"ZAYN!!!!!!" Zac and Loraine called.

Loraine's POV:

When we came here on Monday I found out Zac was stationed here. But what do I tell him? What did I say?

Well, I told him I remembered Niall and us being friends and explained the whole situation. He understood. He knew that one day my memory would fade. But he's keeping something from me. I know it. I was walking towards Zayn, he looked like he was writing something down. Zac ran up to me.

"Hey, Sweetheart!"


"Are you okay?"

"Act-" I was about to say something but then gun shots were fired at us.

We turned around. Zayn was still in the tent.

"ZAYN!!!!!" we called.

He took the rifle and hand gun from the tent. He threw the handgun to me. Zac had a shotgun already in his hand. 

"Run!" he yelled.

And we ran. We ran and ran. Into the forest. Zac took out his radio, "Hello? Is anyone there? If you can hear me, please come and help us at the Mexico camp! We're under attack!" 

We kept running. Oh my gosh... I don't want to die. I don't want my child to die. Oh fuck. 

We came upon a short cliff. We could climb it.... if we had enough time. But there was someone on our tail. We turned around.

"Heheheh.... I caught you..." said a man. He had a Latino accent. I  held back the tears... because I thought this was the end. The man held a handgun up to us, "Who should I kill first? huh?"

"I have a shotgun-"

"How about her?!" And he shot at me.

"NO!" Zac yelled. He jumped infront of me. The guy shot at him 3 times. Zayn then shot him with his rifle. The man dropped dead.

"ZAC!!!! No..." 

"I-I'm s-s-sorry...."

"Sh.... no... it's okay... whatever you-"

"No.... Lorie.... .you're name isn't Loraine..... it's  Eira..."

"W-What?" I said through tears.

"What?! You!" Zayn said. He then turned and hit the wall of the cliff, "UGH!"

"I'm.... sorry... he's in love w-with you. I lied..."

"Shh... I d-don't care right now. We n-need to get you somewhere..."

"I'm sorry.... I love you..." then his eyes went dim....

"Zac.... "


"ZAC!!!!" I sobbed.

But there was no use. He was dead.


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