All Is Fair In Love And War (Sequel to A Kiss Under Mistletoe)

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What happens when you come back to the person you love the most, but something happens?
What happens if you can't remember and start a new life with someone else?~Eira
What will you do to fix what's happened?
When the world comes to war......
Would you die for them?
~Zayn, Eira, Niall
When Eira gets her tumor out she can't remember who she was. She tries but, she thinks Zayn, the so thought love of her life, abandons her. But in reality, management head, Jackson, makes Zayn believe she has died. Niall thinks this isn't true, but doesn't know how to prove it. Then a new boy comes along into Eira's life. What will Zayn and Niall do? And when World War III erupts, what will they do? Will she remember? Will it be to late? Find out in All Is Fair in Love and War.


16. Chapter 15- Love, The Confusing Feeling

Janice's POV:

"C'mon JJ...... stop crying. Please? Besides he doesn't deserve you!" Sarah assured me.

I wiped my tears and slightly smiled, "Ya... I guess you're right."

A man then walked out and ordered us to go inside. This is our fate. This is where we find out if we leave or not. Me? I want to go home! I don't want to go off and possibly die. But, I don't want me to not go and my friends do. I don't know what I'd do without them.

Niall's POV:

I feel absolutely horrible. Am I really that blind? I hear foots steps behind me, but I don't notice whoever they were.

"Hey, Nialler!" Harry said.

I turn around to see him, "Oh Hey Hazz- Loraine? You okay?"

"Huh?" she looked distant and smiled sadly, "Oh... ya... just nervous I guess..."

"Don't worry. We'll make sure you'll be alright."

She then hurried off and ran into the auditorium. That was weird. What was up with her? What's wrong? What did I do? Do I really care and love her? I think so- no.... I know so. I turned to Harry but he kept avoiding my eye contact. He kept trying to avoid me. I now knew something was up. Harry with secrets.... let's just say he's not the best at keeping them.

"Harry what's up with you?"

"Erm.... It's um... nothing." He stuttered.


"Boys you need to go in. We're deciding now," one of the nurses said. 


No One's POV:

They all stood there. Face to Face with the doctors, Colonels, practically the whole government. Each and everyone of them nervous to the bone. 

"Each of you will be partnered. One female one male. All of you will be going through. Now two people will not be in the active forces, mainly because of health issues. We need all the help we can get. Zayn Malik and Loraine Chazwick. The two of you are very intelligent and we need your abilities to create, maintain and outline all our plans and issues-"

"Excuse me sir?" asked Sarah, "If I may ask.... um.... why? What's wrong with Zayn and Loraine?"

"We've found out that Miss Chazwick is pregnant.... and Mr. Malik, he __________________________________"


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