All Is Fair In Love And War (Sequel to A Kiss Under Mistletoe)

*Please Read 1st Story To Understand! Thx*
What happens when you come back to the person you love the most, but something happens?
What happens if you can't remember and start a new life with someone else?~Eira
What will you do to fix what's happened?
When the world comes to war......
Would you die for them?
~Zayn, Eira, Niall
When Eira gets her tumor out she can't remember who she was. She tries but, she thinks Zayn, the so thought love of her life, abandons her. But in reality, management head, Jackson, makes Zayn believe she has died. Niall thinks this isn't true, but doesn't know how to prove it. Then a new boy comes along into Eira's life. What will Zayn and Niall do? And when World War III erupts, what will they do? Will she remember? Will it be to late? Find out in All Is Fair in Love and War.


14. Chapter 13

Niall's POV:

*Fast Forward*

"What are we doing here Niall? We have to get back before the Colonel finds out we left again." said Janice.

We were standing at the front of the airforce base. Let me just say... This ship is huge! But anyways... as I was saying. I just needed to talk to her.

"I need to tell you, that-"

Her eyes widened, "NIALL!"

*1 week ago*

The lads and I were rushed into a examination room. We were to be tested to see if we were physically, mentally and stabal enough to enter in. Other wise we would be brought back to New York and a different person would be picked. The room had 5 beds along one wall and 5 others on the other side. We each sat on one bed as they brought the girls in. One nurse came up to me and took a blood tests. Another checked my eyesight and if I could hear very well or not. Then they asked me to lift my shirt up. I was a little concious about my body.... I mean, of course I work out, but my love for food over powers it. I eventually did. I was hesitant at first, mainly because a certain girl was in here but obviously it wouldn't matter if we would die later on. As I took my shirt off the nurse examined my muscles. I looked up and noticed Janice was staring at me. She bit her lip the way she always did when she saw me before when she came to visit Eira. But obviously she's just a friend. Besides I still kind of Fancy Eira, or... um... Loraine. And Janice wouldn't like me anyways. Her glance then caught mine and her cheeks turned red noticing I had caught her staring at me. I smiled and turned my head as the nurse was telling me to. As she examined me some more I caught Loraine looking at Zayn. Maybe fate wants them to be together.... even if she can't remember.

"Niall?" a voice whispered. I turned to see Janice.


"Do... do you think we'll make it?"

"Of course! Why wouldn't we? Besides playing COD most of the time has it's advantages. She giggled.

"True..." she then glanced down sadly.

"Hey whats wrong?"

She looked up at me and for the first time the twinkle in her eye was gone. The smile had faded, "Would you miss me if... if I was gone? Like you-you miss Eira?"

I sat there stunned. I was totally caught off guard by this, "Ya! Obviously.... why wouldn't I? You're an amazing friend!"

Her expression saddenned, "Cool... okay. I guess... you know you'd obviously miss a close friend right?" she laughed sadly.

"You can go now, Mis Patena."

"Well, here I go. If-If I don't see you again. Good luck. Don't die on me out there."

She then plastered a smile on her face and broke the glass of sadness to show the joy she always had.

"You don't notice do you?" asked Liam.

"Notice what?"

"Nothing.... you'll figure it out soon."

"Hopefully not too late!" said Louis.

I nodded in confusion as I glanced at Loraine walking by.

Janice's POV:

Is he really that oblivious to my feelings towards him? Maybe he just doesn't like me back. Just like every other guy I've loved. Only there were just two I fell for. One boy who I thought that after he died I'd never love again and the other just doesn't really seem to know I exist. Suddenly my train of thought was broken when Sarah and Deja ran up to me.


I turn around to see them try to catch up to me.

"Hey guys!" I say bringing back the fake smile.

"This is getting out of hand! Seriously, why recruit us?! We have no experience with this!" Deja exclaimed as we kept walking to the grand hall.

"Exactly..... And to think.... to think that I'd get the chance of meeting him again."

"But you did. Didn't you? We all did. I mean ya it's been a long time since-"

"He has no clue that I fell for him. He's still ga ga over Eira.... And now that I met him again.... he doesn't even seem to care if I die." I sat down by the doors and broke into tears, covering my face with my hands.

Niall's POV:

I walked through the halls with Liam and Harry. We were talking when we heard the girls talking.

".... He has no clue that I fell for him. He's still ga ga over Eira.... And now that I met him again.... he doesn't even seem to care if I die."

I then heard sobbing. I stopped at the corner to look to see who it was even though I recognized the voice. Does she like me? 

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