All Is Fair In Love And War (Sequel to A Kiss Under Mistletoe)

*Please Read 1st Story To Understand! Thx*
What happens when you come back to the person you love the most, but something happens?
What happens if you can't remember and start a new life with someone else?~Eira
What will you do to fix what's happened?
When the world comes to war......
Would you die for them?
~Zayn, Eira, Niall
When Eira gets her tumor out she can't remember who she was. She tries but, she thinks Zayn, the so thought love of her life, abandons her. But in reality, management head, Jackson, makes Zayn believe she has died. Niall thinks this isn't true, but doesn't know how to prove it. Then a new boy comes along into Eira's life. What will Zayn and Niall do? And when World War III erupts, what will they do? Will she remember? Will it be to late? Find out in All Is Fair in Love and War.


11. Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Niall's POV:

"What are you saying?" whispered Louis.
"Just trust me."
I then encourage her to strum again. Everyone looks at me in an aghast expression. She starts to sing,

"Don't try to make me stay, or ask if I'm okay, I don't have the answer.
Don't make stay the night or ask if I'm alright, I don't have the answer," the lads expressions turn blank,"heartache doesn't last forever, I'll say I'm fine-"
This time I cut in,"Midnight ain't no time for laughing when you say goodbye!"
She stops and looks at me in astonishment," I-I remember something."
Harry gasps,"No way! Niall! How'd you know that would work?"
"Eira and I wrote that song..... I whisper quietly.
Harry's POV:
What? But.... But how would Loraine know that song? Did she hear it from somewhere? No... Wait.... We haven't recorded it yet. I am in pure shock. What the hell is going on?! Suddenly Loraine's phone beeped. I walked over to it and saw a text that read:
"Turn on the tv!"
I ran over to the telly and turned it on. Zayn's expression changed to confusion. The president was on the news again.
"It has come to a conclusion that we start the raffle now. Another bomb has struck the coast of LA. We do not know if they had purposely missed as a warning but otherwise we must start our rebellion. I, nor our country will stand for this intrusion! We will fight! Even to the death."
Niall then spoke up,"What?! But they can't! They promised us a day!"
The president then spoke,"Our remaining soldiers will come to take our tributes when the names are announced. We start with......"
Please don't be New York.... Please-
"New York."
Shit. No.....
"We will now pick a male and female...... The first is........... Ha-"
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