The First Goodbye?

Harry's leaving Megan again and going on tour. Will she ever see Harry again? Meanwhile, she and her friend have a plan to see Harry somewhere. Will their plan succeed? Will they still get to see them later in life?


4. The Day of the Concert

"Omg the concert is today!!!" Samantha said to Megan.

"I know!!!! I can't wait to see them!"

"Isn't it at 7:30?" said Samantha.


"We gotta leave!!! It's 7:00!" Samantha said.

"Get in the car!!! I don't want to be late!" Megan said.

They were not late thank goodness.

"I'm going to text Harry now." said Megan.

hey harry. it's meg. i'm with samantha and we r in london. we r coming to ur concert!!! boo, i can't wait to see u! love u. btw can u meet us afterward? i want to see u sooooooo bad! ok bye now!

"Hopefully he will answer his text!" said Megan.

The girls got there seat in the front row so they could see them perfectly.

"I hope he notices us! We're in the front row!" Megan whispered to Samantha.

"Oh, I think they will!" exclaimed Samantha.

The boys sang "Little Things" first and while they were singing, Harry stared at Megan every time he said, "I'm in love with you, and all your little things."

"Awwwww.... Harry noticed me!" Megan said.

"Yep, Louis does too!"

They both sang along to all the songs they were singing. The concert ended at 10:30.

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