The First Goodbye?

Harry's leaving Megan again and going on tour. Will she ever see Harry again? Meanwhile, she and her friend have a plan to see Harry somewhere. Will their plan succeed? Will they still get to see them later in life?


5. After the Concert

"Where's Harry?!?!?" Megan said impatiently.

"Where's Lou??!?!?" Samantha said.

They both looked around like weirdos, hoping to find them.

"Is that him??????"

"No! That person has blond hair!" Samantha said.

"Oh poop. Uggggg!"said Megan.

Then she saw Harry. She knew it was. Then she ran into his arms and Louis soon appeared.

"Harry! My love! I missed you sooooooo much!" Megan said.

"I love you so much babe!" Harry said as he kissed her.

"I never want you to leave me!" Megan said.

"I know. I don't want to either. But I will have to."

"I love you." Megan said.

"I love you too." Harry said.

They hugged eachother and had a few hours together but then he had to go.


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