The First Goodbye?

Harry's leaving Megan again and going on tour. Will she ever see Harry again? Meanwhile, she and her friend have a plan to see Harry somewhere. Will their plan succeed? Will they still get to see them later in life?


6. A Surprise

Megan was so glad that Harry was finally home from his tour. This meant that they could spend time together. Megan texted Harry in the morning to see how he was doing.


Megan: hey hazza whats up?

Harry: nothing much...u woke me up.... :)

Megan: sorry... i just love u so much.... ;)

Harry: i love u more...

Megan: harry not that again...

Harry: but i really do!

Megan: anyway... do u want 2 go somewhere with sam and lou today?

Harry: naww... couldnt we just hang out? i havent gotten to enjoy my time w/ u! those two lovebirds probs want space.

Megan: kk. just the 2 of u want to go to the beach?

Harry: nope! i got a better idea...let's go to paris for a week!

Megan: what? r u being serious? cuz i want to go!!! :)

Harry: i actually already booked everything...

Megan: omg harry u r the best! definetly i will go!

Harry: meet me at starbucks before we go k?

Megan: kk sounds good!

Harry: cya!

Megan: bye love

~end of text~


Megan told everyone that she was going to Paris. She had to pack quickly so she would make it there on time.

"Make-up, hair spray, body wash, clothes, shoes...straightenter... check!" Megan said as she put the last things in her suitcase, "I hope I didn't over pack...I always do anyway..."

Megan then drove to Starbucks and met Harry there.

"Hey babe!" Harry called.

"Hey!!!" Megan said jumping into a hug, "I missed you yet again." she said looking into his deep eyes.

"So, let's go and get some coffee." Harry said grabbing Megan's hand.

Harry and Megan walked up to the cash register.

"Hi welcome to Starbucks what would you like today?" the girl said at the counter to Harry.

"Hi, I would like a tall Caramel Iced Coffee."

"Would you like whipped cream on that?" the girl said.

"Yes please! And ah what would you like babe?" Harry said to Megan.

"Um...a tall Java Chip Iced Coffee."

"Ok and would you like whipped cream on that also?"

"Oh yeah!" Megan exclaimed.

"Ok that will be $7.50 please." the girl said.

Harry pulled out his wallet and reciepts and things started to fall out. After a few seconds he retrived the money.

"Here you go." Harry said.

"Thank you that will be ready in a few minutes."

Harry and Megan sat down at a table next to a window. They were discussing the details of their trip while they finished their coffee.

After Starbucks they went to the airport and borded their plane.

"Just think, in a few hours we will be in the romanticest city ever...just the two of us." Harry said to Megan.

"Oh yes I know." Megan said.

Soon they both fell asleep.




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