The First Goodbye?

Harry's leaving Megan again and going on tour. Will she ever see Harry again? Meanwhile, she and her friend have a plan to see Harry somewhere. Will their plan succeed? Will they still get to see them later in life?


2. A Plan

I'm so sad that Harry is gone. He's the one thing I always loved...

Megan went to a cafe with her best friend, Samantha. They talked about Harry leaving and how they felt about it.

"I miss him!" Megan went on, "he always brought me joy and I never felt so much happier with him."

"I know... I miss Louis too. They always hung out together with us." said Samantha. Then they both began to cry.

"I never want him to leave me again!!!" cried Megan.

"I have an idea! Maybe we can go to one of their concerts and surprise them!" Samantha exclaimed.

"You know... that might just work!! I'm in if you are!" Megan said.

"Okay great! Did he say where he was going?" 

"Ah... oh London!" said Megan.

"Sweet! We should try to get some flights there soon!" 

"I can't wait to see my boo again!" Megan said.

"Me too........"

Off they went to London to meet them.


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